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Add your ideas here about ways of helping young adults (or other people) to think creatively about schome.

25th June @ 23:58 BST Lynnvm

This is my first visit to the Aspire Pilot. I'm a school psychologist in the U.S.. I am also certified as a school counselor. I'm very much interested in new ways of learning, communicating, and sharing knowledge.

To get an idea of what I've been researching and thinking about, spend some time visiting the links on my blog. I created the blog [1] for one of my graduate classes last semester. The blog was originally intended as an online resource for a workshop about interactive multimedia technology that I presented at a school psychology conference.

The blog is a place I use to post annotated links and resources and update previous topics, so you will have to click on a link from the "previous posts" column or scroll down the blog to find what might be of interest. You can find links to related videos and articles from the "links" section of the blog. To make it easier for you, here are links to some of my posts:

I have a couple of WebQuests you can link to from the blog. Although the WebQuests were designed for school psychologists, the links are appropriate for anyone interested in the topics. One version of the Webquest can be found at QuestGarden - Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds . Another version of the WebQuests , in the form of a scavenger hunt quiz, can be found on my site at Quia.