Staff Meeting 8 Feb 2008

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Friday 8th February 12noon to 1pm (GMT)

Available NOT available
PeterT (TheSchome Ranger)

Julia (Rowan)
Kevin (Yankee)
Tara SParker
Straad - Steve T (but not for certain)
Becca (Gaea) - Only till 12:30pm I have a lesson to give.
<ADD YOUR NAME followed by <br> above this line if you are available>


Yati Sparker
Quanah Sparker N/A
Hanson SParker - sorry teaching
Olly (faji) - (linux box)
Shri Footring (Amba SParker) - apologies
Kreila (Non) - sorry am in another meeting
<Merlin will be there
</nowiki> above this line if you are unavailable>


  1. Introductions
  2. Staffing
    1. CRB issue - clarification
  3. Updates
    1. In-world cover (SP Events Page)
    2. Getting going?
  4. Chat logs
  5. Research (coordination)
  6. Funding situation
    1. Current position
    2. Becta bid
    3. Eduserv bid
    4. Futurelab
    5. Leverhulme
    6.  ??
  7. Other issues? (feel free to add items to the agenda)

Meeting report available in the staff section of the forum.