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Students were asked to identify their three favourite websites. Part of the reason for this was to help us find out the kinds of things that make a website interesting for young adults, so that we could attempt to incoporate those features in any website that we developed to support schome vision building. Info about their favourite websites are listed below. Click here for an analysis of the key features of these websites.

Steve 10D/G

My Favourite Websites:

Why do I like this website?

I like this website as it is easy to navigate around, it has clear links and is set out in three coloums.

It has a few bright moving pictures. The main webpage colour is white which i think helps prevent overcrowding on the page.

I think a good webpage should have these things:

  • A clear layout
  • Good navigation
  • Should have a few images which should help illustrate the website content
  • Not be overcrowded
  • Not use too many colours
  • Have good aesthetics
  • Provide valuable information to the reader, not alot of data
  • Be interactive
  • Be well organinised

Unknown student - I like this web site because it is very easy to navigate around. Also, it a very big site so I'm always finding new pages on the site. - This is a great web site because as my mobile phone is a Sony Erricsson, it allows me free downloads ofthemes, ring tones and much more. - I also like this web site because as I play the keyboard, I can download free keyboard music to print and play.

Lewis 80/G

My favourite three websites!

  2. or

And my others are:

  • www.*
  • www.*

Unknown student - one of my favourie sports, useful links, interesting and up to date information - another favourite sport, latest webcam pictures, good product avaliabiaty and good surfing links to well established companies - good fun, excellent graphics and ideas, all ages would enjoy and easy to use

Other sites - from the 'away day'

Click here to read a Compilation of the Favourite Characteristics which might be used in a new ASPIRE website.