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This page lists potential sources of funding for schome related research and development activities. This list is by no means definitive - it is only as up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive as you help make it - so please add suggestions.

FirstLight (
FirstLight provide funding and support for groups of young people (aged 5 to 18) to create films. Funding ranges from under £1,000 up to £20,000. I wonder if there would be mileage in getting funding for a group of home educators to create a film about being home educated - or about visions for what schome should be like?

V ( )
V was set up on the 8th May to take forward the Russell Commission agenda to inspire one million more young people aged 16 to 25 to volunteer by 2010. They provide funding for activities which contribute to achieving this target. Volunteering is seen as including mutual aid or self-help; service to others; participation and civic engagement; advocacy and campaigning - so working on schome visions, for example, might well fit.

Esmee Fairbairn (
Two relevant strands: New approaches to education; Hard-to-reach learners. Maximum grants of £150,000, with most being much smaller.


FutureLab (
Call for Ideas - up to £100,000 - Deadline is 12 May 06 - ideas about new ways of learning with technology.

ESRC and ENgineering and Physical Sciencess Research Council (EPSRC) (
Deadline 12 May 06 (but will be a second round in early 07)
For projects which develop innovative applications of digital technologies that will contribute to making education and lifelong learning more personalised, inclusive, flexible and productive. Individual projects can be large ones - up to £1.5m for up to 4 years, or small ones - up to £60K FC for up to 6 months.

Creative Partnerships Programme, Arts Council of England, UK (
No deadline
The purpose of this research is to investigate, describe and analyse both the theory and practice of new forms of creative education, and the nature of the interventions made by creative partnerships. Small projects funded at up to £15,000, or large projects funded at up to £100,000 are available under this call. .

DfES Innovation Unit (
There is a link to potential sources of funding on the DfES Unit website - which you can access directly here



Commercial organisations