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Watch the introductory video

Video and overview from Schome Park1

How to...

... install the Second Life software
... make Second Life run better on your computer
...look at things
...move around
...use the SL interface
...change your appearance
... send an instant message to someone in-world
... join a group
...get stuff
...use objects
...make things
...make things talk
... edit Second life Noticeboards
... use the SLog to take notes in-world that are saved out to your SlogBook (webpage)
... make films in Second Life
... get a background check to enter the SL Teen Grid as an adult from outside the UK
... set up an island in the teen grid (including bulk registering students)
... copyright issues related to filming in Second Life

Finding out more

Second Life skills curriculum from Global Kids
Official Teen Grid site
Blogs about the Teen Grid
Demos of Second Life


I can't right click
I can't get in to Second Life
I can't work out how to use the wiki
The Schome Park panic button

Still stuck?

Post a message in the Second Life help discussion in the forum

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