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This page provides links to media references to the Schome Initiative (including the Schome Park Programme and other related activities)

In the literature

See Schome Publications for material published about the Schome Initiative and other related activities by members of the schome community.

Childnet International (2008) Young People and Social Networking Services: A Childnet International Research Report. (1.1Mb PDF)

Schome Initiative outputs

In the press

22nd April 2008 - SCHOME in space on the B.B.C. website

4th April 2008 - SCHOME in space on the CEPSAR website

4th December 2007 - Education Guardian - Web alert (by Julie Nightingale).

28th October 2007 - The Independent on Sunday - The school on a sofa.

18th September 2007 - Sesame (OU magazine) (2.4MB) - Every 'second' counts.

7th August 2007 - The Independent - A virtual voyage of discovery.

13th April 2007 - Times Educational Supplement - A world away from school.

6th April 2007 - Education Guardian - A second look at school life.


15th December 2008 - Teachers' TV - ICT for the Non-Specialist - Virtual Worlds

7th January 2008 - Teachers' TV - BETT Preview 2008 (section on Virtual Worlds about 4 mins into programme).

On the web

(including in the blogosphere)

13 August 2009 - Towards Maturity - Virtual Worlds - a serious contender?

9th February 2009 - Learn 4 Life - Interview with Peter Twining about the Schome Park Programme in Second Life

8th June 2008 - Digital Discovery - Teachers TV Comes to Teesside

5th October 2007 - Seb Schmoller's Fortnighly Mailing - Millions being wasted on a deserted Second Life?

1st October 2007 - Extending Horizons: social learning networks for kids - Is Teen Second Life Safe for Kids?

27th September 2007 - The Story of My "Second Life" - Teen Second Life After School Club Promo.

August 2007 - Teaching Machinima - Teaching Media and Machinima in Second Life: Interview with Britta Pollmuller.

4th July 2007 - Katharine's Second Life by Katharine Berry - Schome Park again.

20th June 2007 - Learning Games by Daniel Livingstone - Schome Pilot Study.

4th May 2007 - Knowledge Transfer Innovations - Multilearner, Enhancing Learning and Exponential Growth.

19th April 2007 - Dan Seamans - Monitoring the Use of Schome Park.

19th April 2007 - Katharine's Second Life by Katharine Berry - Update on Adults on the Teen Grid (and some SL physics).

13th April 2007 - Learning Games by Daniel Livingstone - Schome news.