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This page provides a summary of the state of the schome community at different points in time.

For more details of usage stats for the schome community forum check out its own stats page.

For current stats on WikiWorks check out:

Sept 06

Part of the remit of the Aspire Pilot project was to develop a network of people interested in building visions of schome (ie the schome community). Criteria for evaluating the success of this endeavour (ie the health of the schome community) included:

  • the number of people who are part of the community
  • their level of activity/engagment
  • the quality of interaction

The schome community interacts in a number of different ways, including:

  1. face to face and/or via video conference
  2. by phone, skype or netmeeting
  3. by email
  4. through WikiWorks (both viewing, creating and editing pages)
  5. through the schome community forum
  6. through other means, such as Second Life

This summary focusses primarily on items 4 and 5 above (ie WikiWorks and the schome community forum).

The size of the community

WikiWorks was established in May 2005. By the end of March 2006 it had 116 registered users. As Figure 1 shows, the number of registered users of WikiWorks increased fairly steadily over the next 6 months, reaching 250 by the end of September 2006. The average number of new users per month during this period was 22.

Figure 1 The number of registered users of WikiWorks WikiWorks No of Users 06-09-30.gif

On the 13th September 06 the schome community forum was established. By the end of September there were 14 registered members of this forum, the majority of whom were also members of WikiWorks.

The level of activity

Table 1 summarises the key indicators of the level of activity within WikiWorks and the schome community forum.

Table 1 Key indicators of level of activity

Interested parties Contributors
WikiWorks Views per day

Views per page


Page edits

Schome community forum Page views

Page views per day
Users online per day



The size of the information base

WikiWorks No of Pages 06-09-30.gif


WikiWorks stats Av views per day 06-09-30.gif

WikiWorks Cumulative page views 06-09-30.gif


WikiWorks stats Av edits per day 06-09-30.gif

WikiWorks Cumulative page edits 06-09-30.gif

The quality of interaction