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Schome Park is our island in Teen Second Life (Teen Grid) - its slurl is

Check out the Schome Park bliki to find out about what we have been doing on Schome Park so far.

One of our key aims on Schome Park is to empower young people to take responsibility for the development of the island (and the activities on it). We are providing some basic infrastructure and support and are encouraging the young people to come up with ideas for how Schome Park should be developed - if you are a young person on Schome Park and have an idea for an activity or project you would like to develop then tell us about it in a message in the Schome Park proposals discussion.
The Schome Park sitemap provides an overview of related 'content' within the schome community website.|

Take a virtual tour of Schome Park

The video has a commentary, so make sure sound is enabled on your computer. There is also a text version available.