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See the Schome Initiative strategy page for notes on our current thinking about our strategy (informed by the meeting below).

There is a meeting of folk interested in the Schome Initiative on Wednesday 22nd October at the Open University (Stuart Hall Building, Level 2 Room 3 - in Milton Keynes). If you would like to attend then please let me know [1].

The aim of this meeting is to discuss ways forward for the Schome Initiative as a whole - which will feed into the development of the Schome Initiative's strategy.

This page provides some info that should inform the meeting.

Some thoughts about future directions

Some concerns re our focus

We have tended to be seen as being focussed on:

This is due to:

We need to be seen as being interested in lifelong learning (cradle to grave) and in physical as well as virtual worlds.

Some ideas we have already been exploring

All of these include (to varying degrees) working with both in-school and out-of-school groups ...

Some other ideas

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