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This page represents the Schome Initiative's current strategy - as of the 24th October 2008. (It overlaps somewhat with the main schome page).

This has been informed by the strategy meeting held on the 22nd October ... Please do chip in with thoughts/comments suggestions - at this stage we are still working up our strategy and need your input ...


The Schome Initiative's aim is to implement schome - a new form of education system designed to meet the needs of individuals and society in the twenty-first century. Schome will be a system which values and supports people learning throughout their lives (cradle to grave).

Strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. to establish a shared understanding within the Schome community (Schommunity) of what we want from schome (i.e. what the purposes of schome are)
  2. to be advocates for this shared view of the purposes of schome
  3. to develop a vision of what the optimal system that would deliver these purposes (from objective 1) would be like (unconstrained by current views of education)
  4. to to devise a strategy to get from where we are now to our vision of schome (as developed in objective 3)
  5. to implement the strategy devised in objective 4.

Strategic plan

  1. To stimulate discussion within the Schommunity about what we think the purposes of education systems SHOULD be in the 21st century
    1. We need to reorganise the wiki to pull together this work in a coherent way (there are currently a number of different/overlapping sections dealing with 'aims of education' (and sometimes merging them in with visions for schome) - eg Aims of education; The schome vision; Defining schome
  2. To learn from our experiences (and mistakes) in the Schome Park Programme
    1. To write up the evaluation of Phases 2 and 3 (because we need to make sure we have shared understandings – need to get alignment about our understandings - Lack of this + a report we can point to is a problem. The writing of this report provides a useful vehicle to explore differences of understanding)
    2. Do more work on understanding issues around joining the SP community (and in particular why we lost so many students and staff along the way)
  3. To develop projects which create alignment between currently disparate projects within the Schome Initiative such as Aspire and The Schome Park Programme - and which:
    1. Span learners of all ages
    2. Involve both the physical and virtual worlds
    3. Help build bridges between existing educators and the schome vision
  4. To develop a publications policy (we didn't discuss this in the meeting - but we do need to do it)