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What Languages Do You Speak?

Please enter below which languages you are learning/can speak, and would be willing to help with for the languages lab.

  • Trixxiee - French and German...and English. I can't believe I forgot I speak English!
  • Professor Schomer - French & German. Not English. I don't speak that. Honest.
  • Vibia - German adn english obviously!!! I would be ahppy to help out with German, I'm doing my GCSEs in it so it would help me too!!!
  • Marsbar9 - Spanish and French
  • Decimus - English (duh :p), French (a bit) & Latin
  • Aston - German but I probably wouldnt be able to teach to a high level!
  • TibbyFairy Schomer - French & Spanish (but I would struggle to teach them, would love more help with learning them though!)
  • XxDaisyLouxX - English :P and a bit of French.
  • Wheelo Schomer - French
  • PeterT - English (ho hum am I feeling inadequate or what?)
  • Kali - English (lol), Spanish and some Ancient Greek that I did last year
  • Explo - German, French, and some Mandarin Chinese
  • Marko - Basic Mandarin Chinese, French, and German (and very poor English :P)
  • Siobhan - English (sometimes), French, Russian, Old and Middle English, limited old Icelandic, some German and very rusty Klingon :P)
  • Rufus Schomer - German, a little French and some Latin, plus obviously English
  • Topper Schomer - I can speak english to a high leval and some frech (not at a high level)
  • Rowan Falta - English, French - I used to speak Russian and Slovak but they have got jumbled up and pretty lost.
  • Euphloozie - English, French, Spanish, a little Italian - enough to get by :)
  • Baso - English, French, Spanish, Double Dutch, Latin (only a tad tho), Portuguese (only a tad tho), Italian (only form reading music lol)
  • Ava - Chinese and English, I'd happy to help out with Chinese :)
  • KitKatKid - English extremely well, French I'd say 7/10, German 5/10, Welsh 2/10 (basic phrases, no grammar whatsoever) Ooh, im the only Welsh speaking SParker so far :P
  • Alice SParker - Turkish and English, and some Spanish :)