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All adults who join the Schome Park Programme are referred to as staff.

They must have a clear, recent police check. In the UK this means an enhanced CRB disclosure which has been undertaken in within the last two years.

Staff buy in to Schome Park ethos and conventions

All staff must agree to :

  • To abide by the acceptable use policy with the proviso that staff are less constrained by the need to remain anonymous and may not be able to do so (eg if publishing an article based on the project)
  • To engage with the forum, wiki and Schome Park
  • To buy into the Schome Park ethos
    • staff and students are equal (age and real world role are irrelevant)
    • everyone is a learner and everyone has expertise that the community can benefit from (at one point we went too far in playing down staff expertise – we do expect staff to take a lead in running activities etc where they have particular expertise – within a context in which our aim is always to support the students in taking greater control and responsibility for their own learning)
    • Making mistakes is necessary and valuable
    • Constructive criticism is to be encouraged (you should be aware that we are particularly interested in differences between how teachers do things and how the schome community does things – and like to engage in ‘difficult conversations’ about this … - from a perspective that recognizes that we are all constrained by the context within which we are operating and thus may not have scope to do things differently)
    • Experimentation is the name of the game – links with making mistakes being important. (We are aware that we may sometimes suffer from group think – and that this needs to be challenged)
    • Events in Schome Park are open – so anyone can attend any session (though where there are limitations on numbers of folk who can attend a session then it’s reasonable to prioritise people who are already engaged in a sequence of events etc)
  • To abide by the Schome Park ways of doing things (eg we have mechanisms for dealing with ‘mis-behaviour’ which involve the community and don’t privileged staff as ‘enforcers’ – though clearly where child protection issues are involved we take necessary action without community consultation)
  • For staff to log chat and submit their chatlogs to the schome-sl-help email address regularly
  • For staff to share contact details with other staff – email/phone/skype in case of ‘emergencies’
  • For staff to share responsibility for covering ‘emergency help requests’ from students (there are very few of these but when they come in we need to be able to react quickly)
  • To have (hard) fun! 

Staff usernames

All staff joining the Schome Park Programme from the start of Phase 2 onwards have a username (avatar name) which takes the form Something SParker, where the member of staff can choose what Something is so long as:

  • it is nothing like their real world name
  • is is not a name on the 'claimed list'

If you are joining the Schome Park Programme then you should let us know your preferred username at the same time as you are sorting out your 'police check'.