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This page is for planning the range of activities that we want to have in Schome Park during Phase 3 of the project.

Type of activity Title Explanation/notes
Baseline activities These are things that need to be in place simply as a baseline of support - they will tend to require regular scheduled slots each week.
Induction sessions To welcome folk to Schome Park - more a social event than anything else - to get to know some people and start to explore the island.
Techy Workshops These should be at a regular day/time each week. Each workshop could have a main theme (eg Intro to building; low prim building; using camera controls; superduper scripting for the amazingly competent; etc). However, there should also be a 'drop in clinic' element to them - so that folk can come along with a techy problem and know that there is likely to be someone there who can help them solve it.
Community Workshops These should be at a regular day/time each week. These should be focussed on what you might think of as cultural or social aspects of the community, for example: how to run a meeting in-world; how to be an effective buddy; how to moderate the forum; solving complex problems; etc..
News booth What about an activity related to current news events. Could we develop a video booth on the island that students can enter as individuals or in groups. Each week/month a new topic could be under discussion/debate/for comment on...the booth would record a video of comments/discussions about a news item...could these be posted/automatically routed to a blog..was wondering if the TV studio that is soon to come to SP could be used for this...or do we need to develop from scratch.

One point about this is that discussion about issues is probably the way forward but there will be students who shy away from 'discussion' and who prefer to just give of their opinion and this is valid as well....Ahoy_SParker

Strands We need two or three really solid strands of activity - having three strong strands would be better than having 5 flaky ones. I would envisage that these will be led by a member of staff with specific expertise in that area - though this may not always be the case (and even where it is the case it might well be that students run particular sessions where they have relevant expertise). Each strand would have regular weekly sessions.
Machinima This strand should be focussed on teaching folk about machinima production. It might link in with specific projects (eg specific machinima someone wants to produce). Should have specific regular slots each week - each slot should have a focus (eg How to write a script; how to use a thingycamera; how to edit your machinima; understanding copyright; etc)
Ethics and Philosophy
Maths and engineering???
Creative writing???
Learning french???
Psychology and AI
Projects Projects are different from strands in that they are of limited timespan - generally a project will have a specific goal that it is aiming to achieve (eg create a film about the Titanic; build a skateboard park; re-design SPalpha; re-enact the trial of <insert name of some famous case>; etc)
Designing a skateboard park This idea was suggested by the Americans and approved but has languished primarily due to lack of lack of skills and the complexity of actually DOING it. We have a platform in the sky and some basic shapes and have enjoyed some lessons from experienced Sparkers but largely this has been a non-starter. Also, the skateboard we have is somewhat primitive (though it looks cool) and it seems that a working, semi-realistic skateboard would be a reasonable pre-requisite for a park. :) Not sure where this is going, would be nice to see something actually come together, but if it went away, that would be okay too, because we have another idea...
American Clubhouse We learned from the skateboard park experience that we need to start a little smaller and we thought that building a clubhouse would be a good start. For one, it could be fairly simple in design (or elaborate if wanted) and it could also allow for personalization. This project could combine the skills of experienced builders and will require some planning. From there, once the Schomers have the basics, they should be able to run with it! This could easily be replicated. The American "East Coast" clubhouse could look entirely different than a "West Coast" version, and the possibilities for other cultures are endless!
This sounds like a good idea - one slight hesitation - which is that up till now we have assumed that the island (places and activities) are open to everyone. So if what you are suggesting is that we build an American Clubhouse which is open to everyone then that sounds great to me. If you are wanting something that is exclusive to one group of people then we would need to have discussions about the implications of that ... PeterT 10:54, 12 January 2008 (GMT)
Re-designing SPalpha
Research Skills Here are the key things Roughbounds and I discussed during our flashmeeting session on 6th November.

We need to define what we mean by research skills within the context of SCHOME?

How do students access and order resources in a 3D world? What is the scope of student facing research skills within the Schome project context? What is our focus as project participants? What are we trying to accomplish and achieve?

Potential methodological approach: PAR (Participatory Action Research). References? As researchers we see ourselves as key participants "empowering individuals to act"

Could we collaboratively develop a research skills toolkit with students initially focussed on a curriculum area? What are the key resources or pieces of information that can be taken to the field and how do we disseminate information and knowledge management skills that are accessible and maleable in 3D environments? Do we need to investigate ways of bridging the real life and second life worlds in order to create fully meaningful new systems or approaches and how do we define these boundaries?

Potential ways forward How can we enlist collaborators to work with us? Could we experiment with situating the practice of ordering, disseminating and sharing knowledge here with a specific curriculum focus around ecology studies?

Could we explore the development of information and knowledge management skills at a personal level and relate it to the ordering and management of artefacts inworld e.g tagging and the use of the inventory; tagging notecards?

Does SLOODLE have anything to offer us? Could this environment by used to expose existing information management skills development and tools to the students? How could we investigate this further?

Resources How can we measure the effectivenes of such approaches in terms of whether they support the development of more effective learners?

The following skills will be crucial in terms of measuring effectiveness: coproduction of knowledge peer review of knowledge produced provenance of knowledge collaborative development in building artefacts technical development evaluation and reflection

'Potential next steps Should we use the wiki to build an Information and Knowledge Management Toolkit in alliance with the students and focussed around a curriculum area?

Could we invite a couple of other librarians to meet with the students for an exploratory dialogue to firm up the project scope?

How do we go about enlisting support from a curriculum area to work with?>

Schome Park Video
(A Mini Project)
Create a short video consisting of screenshots from the wiki, forum and some machinima clips to give a flavour of 'Life in Schome Park'. Hope to work with machinima team and other interested folk. Activity detail page: Schome Park Video Amba, Completion Date: 8th February 2008
Regular Events This would include things like a regular regatta once a month or weekly meetings of a school club. In that sense they are similar to Baseline activities and Strands. I guess the key difference is that strands should have a very clear educational (even curriculum) focus - whereas regular events may well not have learning as an explicit objective.
Regattas Maybe once per month - or more frequently if the enthusiasm is there ...
We could do a sort of championship thing with points for winning KitKatKid Schomer 16:32, 11 January 2008 (GMT)
That is the kind of thing that I had in mind - and which Topper (et al) were doing on a one-off basis in Phase 2 PeterT 10:38, 12 January 2008 (GMT)
Governance group (council) meetings??? The whole question of governance is up in the air at the moment - but might well lead to desire for regular meetings???
<Insert your idea here> <Explain your idea here>
One off events Things folk want to do - but which may be one offs or not happen on a regular basis.
Welcome back party Anyone want to help organise this?
Hospital role play Folk role play having certain conditions. Other folk are the doctors trying to work out what the conditions are. There is already a sign up sheet for this.
<Concert for Global Cooling> <The Global Cooling Collective (http://globallycool.ning.com) is a group of students organized by a high school teacher, Clay Burell, in Korea. It is now an international network asking students to produce concerts in their community on Earth Day in order to raise awareness about the issue of global warming. My students are very interested in this project and are planning a concert in Los Angeles. Producing a concert in Schome Park would take this to the next level by providing a global stage.>
<Insert your idea here> <Explain your idea here>