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Please indicate your availability to attend a virtual meeting (eg via FlashMeeting or on Schome Park)on the following dates/times by adding your name to the appropriate column for each date/time.

Past staff meetings

Details of the staff meeting on 20 March 2008 are here
Details of the staff meeting on 4 March 2008 are here
Details of the staff meeting on 25 February 2008 are here
Details of the staff meeting on 15 February 2008 are here
Details of the staff meeting on 8 Feb 2008 are here
Details of the staff meeting on 28 January 2008 are here

Wednesday 26th March 8pm to 9pm(GMT)

I have opened this meeting up to the whole Schome Park community - we need to make some decisions about the next 10 weeks which everyone should have a say in ... (this may mean some folk whose CRB clearances haven't come through yet won't be able to join us - sorry). Please add your name to the list(s) below to let us know your availability ...

Available NOT available
PeterT (TheSchome Ranger)

Shri (Amba), hopefully, but probably late
Rowan (sorry will be late)
Tara SParker - traffic permitting
KitKatKid (sorry if I've put my name in the wrong place :S )
Kevin (Yankee) [hopefully]
Olly (Somewhat concerned about the use of the word 'radical')
Hanson/Mike - will be late (8.30)
Zoee Sparker
Dai (Wilco)
Woop (hopefully)
Steve T (will have to leave early)
Merlin (Michele)
<ADD YOUR NAME followed by <br> above this line if you are available>

Elsa (boarding a plane for Bangkok at the time, SO sorry ;o) )

Fox (sorry, at a RL meeting all evening)
Yati Sparker
Bright SParker - sorry, just heard I can't make it
<ADD YOUR NAME followed by <br> above this line if you are unavailable>

VENUE: Schome Park


  1. Updates
  2. 10 weeks to go - radical rethink ...
    1. The problem(s)
    2. Possible solutions
  3. Linden Lab brand change
  4. <add other stuff here>

Action points of Meeting

What (Agreed/Action) Who
1 AGREED: Need to increase number of students substantially over the next few weeks (in time to take advantage of Schome Park Spring 08 which runs from 1st April to 31st May 08)
1.1 ACTION: Increase number of students from SEGfL Ahoy SParker
1.2 ACTION: Increase number of students from MK Schools - by making visits to local schools Gaea SParker
1.3 ACTION: Increase number of students from own school Everyone
2 AGREED: Need to simplify the process of engaging with Schome Park. Return to having a focus on Schome Park itself - reducing the emphasis on the forum and wiki (particularly for new members of the community)
2.1 ACTION: alter the registration process so that:
  1. From now on, once students have chosen their avatar names they are registered for the forum, wiki and Schome Park all at the same time
  2. From now on, the email informing students that their username and password have been set up will direct them straight to Schome Park (bypassing the wiki and forum)
  3. From now on, new students will be brought in to Schome Park in batches - eg emails informing them about their avatar being set up will be sent out in batches and will included times when it is suggested the students go into Schome Park (when we know there will be folk around to support them)
PeterT/Gaea SParker
2.2 ACTION: Do away with the buddy system - archive buddies board - as of now PeterT
2.3 ACTION: As soon as possible, put up notice boards in-world that say something like "Click here to find out what is happening on Schome Park" with a hot link to the Schome Park Events page Volunteer needed ...
3 AGREED: We need to increase the number of scheduled events (ie ones listed on the Schome Park Events page(and all events should be scheduled!). A range of projects/strands were suggested, including:
  • history (Vibia/kitkat)
  • steamology (steam)
  • sailing (Topper)
  • clothes/hair/avatar accessories (Amba)
  • building
  • german (Vibia)
  • archaeology (Mars?)
  • Software/Scripting (Kathy/Eli)
  • Media (Mars, Pigment, Hanson?)
  • Languages (Ahoy)
  • Maths (Elsa)?
  • J8 (Elsa +)
We need to be realistic about what one person can do - leading more than one strand seems to be asking a lot of someone PeterT
3.1 ACTION: From now all when a member of staff is in-world they will have added their details to the Staff column on the Schome Park Events page All staff
3.2 ACTION: From now on Schomers will be more proactive in scheduling events and ensuring that they are listed on the the Schome Park Events page All Schomers
4 AGREED: Planning permission rules need to be simplified - from now on anyone can build above 200m without needing planning permission.
4.1 ACTION: From now on everyone must take items back into their inventory when they are not using them (and they are not needed by other members of the community) Everyone
4.2 ACTION: Once a parcel of land has been allocated to a strand/project then the coordinators of that strand should be given greater controls (permissions) to enable them to return objects etc (See Item 5 re parcels of land and stands) - if those rights are abused then the permissions will be revoked. Developer Schomer
5 AGREED: Schome Park alpha should be redeveloped - builds that replicate facilities provided on beta should be removed, parcels of land should be allocated to active projects/strands (eg groups that run 'regular' events which are scheduled on the Schome Park Events page) - once a group becomes inactive then the land will be reallocated.
5.1 ACTION: New sandbox area to be developed which has less frequent sweeping of prims Developer Schomer
5.2 ACTION: Parcels of land to be created and allocated to projects/strands Developer Schomer
6 AGREED: Need to rationalise staffing - removing staff who are inactive
6.1 ACTION: Contact all staff to confirm their level of time commitment over the next 10 weeks Euphloozie
6.2 ACTION: Remove staff who are not going to be sufficiently active over next 10 weeks PeterT
7 Discussed current funding situation (ie have funding to run the Schome Park Spring 08 project (from 1st April to end May 08).
AGREED: need to raise more funding
7.1 ACTION: Three (part time) staff focusing specifically on funding issues (Tara is already, Fox and Euphloozie will be from 1st April) Tara, Fox, Euphloozie

Please add/edit anything on this list - as i am sure i have missed out stuff....

Peter, some of the actions have been assigned to 'Developer Schomer', but that is simply an avatar which a number of people can use. Surely actions should be assigned to a real person, regardless of whether they need a special avatar to do the job?
I was trying to get away from yours truly being responsible for too many action points ... but I guess you are right about need to avoid ambiguity PeterT
I also think that timescales against actions are always helpful - Amba
I did try to put in indicators of timescale for most items - I was vague in relation to allocating parcels of land etc cos this is dependent upon when strands/projects ask for them ... (well that is my excuse!) PeterT
Just to say, to allow Fox to concentrate on funding etc. I will take over categorising the wiki. KitKatKid Schomer 08:04, 27 March 2008 (GMT)
Thanks Kit, you're a star.' Fox

Snapshots from the Meeting

The weather was a tad grey at times, but the meeting was well attended
Dealing imaginatively with the funding crisis - Topper sets out to pull a rabbit out of a hat