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The Schome Park Programme - Savvy Avvies


The “Savvy Avvies” were a group of learners interested in exploring techniques for customising and managing avatar appearance. The group was set up in April 2008 in response to several requests from the community and continued until the end of Phase 3 (i.e. end of May 2008). It was hoped that the activities offered would appeal to newcomers to Schome Park, giving them an opportunity to develop their Second Life skills as well as their sense of in-world identity. It was also designed to align with the new priorities identified for phase 3, part 2 which included providing regular, focussed workshops and activities to help to build a sense of community.

Following informal in-world and web based discussions, it was decided that the Savvy Avvies would:

  • Explore the use of built in Second Life avatar and clothing customisation tools.
  • Create and upload images for use as fabric textures.
  • Use freely available Second Life templates to create new clothes.
  • Create accessories such as hats, wings, flexi-skirts using basic building techniques.

The group was jointly led by a small group of 4-5 learners (adults and teens) who took it in turns to lead activities. Sessions were typically attended by 6-7 learners, though others who were in world would often drop by informally and join in from time to time.

Four meetings took place during April and May 08, though most members of the group spent additional informal time in-world planning and preparing for the sessions. Later, meetings were merged with those of other groups, such as the two history groups, so that all could work collaboratively on historical costumes as required.

Benefits and Impact

The “Savvy Avvies” provided an enjoyable focussed activity for a while with some successful collaboration with other groups. Participants created stylish outfits and looks for their avatars, showing great creativity and flair.

Quick wins

  1. The freely available loop-rez script was a big success (This is used to place any given prim in a customisable ellipse – we used it to make flexi skirts, necklaces, headdresses, lampshades, boats etc)
  2. Customising appearance using the built in tools and added textures. Simple but effective.
  3. Development of inventory management techniques and skills.


There were some initial delays with the setting up of the in-world group with appropriate permissions and associated land parcel. Communications with the rest of the community could have been improved, perhaps by having a dedicated board on the forum.

Key lessons learnt

Planning, preparation, communication and documentation took up a lot of time.

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NB. Contrary to what the history might indicate, the original version of this was written by Amba. PeterT just cut and pasted it in here from the original wordprocessed version.

The Schome Park Programme - Savvy Avvies