Rowan's school meals survey

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Rowan's school meals survey - Monday 12 November, 5-6.30pm GMT

Please come along for a few minutes and contribute your views

Details No need to sign up

Date: Monday 12 November
Time: 5-6.30 pmGMT
Venue: by the picnic tables outside the schome tech centre
Max: 15

Organiser: Rowan

In RL I am interested in researching the topic of school dinners. I wondered if any schomers would be kind enough to share a few thoughts with me.It doesn't matter whether or not you have school dinners at all at the moment. The questions I am exploring in the research are:

Have you noticed any changes in school dinners over the last couple of years or so and what do you think of them? What do you think about school dinners - from your own experience - and (if you come inworld with me) would you be prepared to talk about your reactions to a suggested new menu? Have you noticed any discussion about school dinners in the general media and what do you think about them?

I would like very much to meet you in world to discuss the second question in particular but also to hear anything about the others. Alternatively, please contribute to the thread in the forum at The sample school dinner menu is also available here.

1 Rowan - but no need for anyone to sign up

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