Report on Phases 2 & 3

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The Report on Phases 2 & 3 is currently being written - following much data analysis.

The Schome Park Programme

Writing the report

Here is info about who is doing which sections ...

Section Lead author Comments

Executive summary

First draft written - needs re-doing once conclusions done.

Project overview

First draft completed.

Chronological summary

Evolution of the design of the islands

Do we want/need this section? PeterT

Extending the community


Have data extracted on avatars and use of islands, need data on use of wiki and forum (any help with this would be appreciated) - need to write up ...

Learning in Phases 2 & 3

Example 1 - Governance (PSHE)

Example 2 - Ethics and Philosophy

Fox Split into two - Ethics and Philosophy and The Court Case. 2nd drafts completed.

Example 3 - The regatta

Rowan 1st draft completed

Example 4 - Machinima

Ahoy and others from SEGfL Should include Hindenburg (Phase 2) and Murder of a Gentleman (Phase 3), plus other 'individual' projects. Links to/Cross reference with Example 8)

Example 5 - Savvy Avvies

Amba 2nd draft completed

Example 6 - Competitions


Example 7 - MySchome Magazine


Full report needs to be edited by PeterT (by 19th Dec) - then create shorter version for inclusion as Example 7.

Example 8 - spARTans

Noel (+Fox)

Fox has done some data analysis re engagement of SpARTans which will probably go into the section on 'Extending the community'

Example 9 - Time Explorers


KitKatKid will focus on the history aspects, Rowan has sent in a draft on archaeology -and meanwhile is trying hard to do as little further damage to this page as possible

Example 10 -

Other issues

Lessons Learnt