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| This table is only to be modified by Achilles and Topper

If anyone raced last night PM me and I shall add you on This is the sign-up page for the regatta. Please edit in your name below. No competitor limit!!! No sign up required but appreciated to gauge numbers
Friday 12 October
7pm-8pm Fun race (no prizes, points or anything, just a social)
Race officers Achilles Schomer, Martin SParker
Saturday 13 October
7pm Long motor time trials
8pm Short skill race
Officer of the day: Achilles Schomer
Sunday 14 October
6.30pm Long skill race
7pm Short motor time trials
8pm Open race
8.30pm Prizes and dancing
Officer of the day: Topper Schomer
For the sail race: The starting sequence will be 2 1 Go (red flag will be raised 2 mins before the start, yellow 1 minute, green go). If a black flag is raised (probably accompanied by a shout) there is a general recall (false start) and all competitors are to return to the start.
In the event of cutting corners you can protest by shouting "Protest X (X being the person's name)!" If someone doesn't go round the buoy, you can IM the race officer and suitable action will be taken.
REMEMBER These rule are in place to make the race fair and the race is only being run so we can have fun :-)


The regatta was run more succesfully than last time and my special thanks go to Achilles, Martin and Amba for help organizing and being incredibly good sportsmen and just adding a lot to he atmosphere. Congratulations also go out to Faz for getting the hat trick and also turning up for every race. There were a few problems with the trophies (cos someone put 'no transfer' on them so we can't give them out) but Thanks go out to every one who turned up and joined in with the race.


Topper Schomer

Name Sailing score Motor score Total score
Euphloozie --- --- 0
Amber 1+1 1+1 4
Spiral 1 -- 1
Faz 1+3 1+3 8 overall Winner and Open Race winner
Martin 1+2 1+2 6 Best sportsman
pigment 1 --- 1
Schome ranger 1 --- 1
Proffeser 1 --- 1