Recording and Emailing Chatlogs

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All staff should be recording all the chats they hear/engage in in SL. Here's how.

  • Inworld, select Edit>Preferences
  • In the preferences dialog, select Communication
  • Check the Record all Chats box and the Record all IM box
  • Browse to a directory to save the logs to

In the directory you select, a sub-folder will be created based on your avatar name. Within that folder, a file called chat.txt will be created. This file will grow and grow each time you engage in chat in-world.

Each time you finish an in-world session, go to your chatlog directory and rename your chat.txt to
youravatarname date time(if necessary).txt
A new chat.txt will be created next time you go online.

You will also have separate instant message logs for each IM you engaged in. You can also rename these to include the date if you want, but this is not essential.
Email all these files to Make the subject of the message:
youravatarname chatlog date time

You may want to include a few lines about what went on during your time inworld. Your impressions etc. Something to put the records in context.