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Raw notes of the governance meeting

trixxiee Schomer: welcome to the governance meeting, everyone
Wintermute Schomer: *snore*
Liony Schomer: laaaag
Liony Schomer: :P
Liony Schomer: :)
trixxiee Schomer: firstly, if you want to speak, please use IM through the SParkers1 stream
Mirage Schomer: made a hammer
Liony Schomer: ok
trixxiee Schomer: the normal chat is for discussion purposes
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: like we were meant to last time?
Wintermute Schomer: too big!
topper Schomer: whact stream
trixxiee Schomer: Winter, if you're not going to be helpful, be quiet :P
Wintermute Schomer: dont you tell me to be quiet
dollopfrog2 Schomer: bang bang bang
Liony Schomer: ohhhdear ...
trixxiee Schomer: please don't make talking objects during the meeting, because that's irritating
Wintermute Schomer: ow
dollopfrog2 Schomer: order!!!
topper Schomer shouts: how do u joion the Stream
dollopfrog2 Schomer shouts: BANG!
Wintermute Schomer: ORDER IN THE DAMN COURT!
Liony Schomer: :P
dollopfrog2 Schomer: look at my hammer!
trixxiee Schomer: if you are not part of the SParkers1 group, please talk to Ranger, becaise I can't help there
baso Schomer: gyus, if this is gonna always be like, this, interupting all th time, theres no point in this
baso Schomer: so please,
Faz Schomer: great meeting guys!
trixxiee Schomer: thank you, Baso
Wintermute Schomer: gaz, nice helicpter
Wintermute Schomer: faz*
Liony Schomer: :P
Faz Schomer: gyrocopter acctually
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: go trix...
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: :)
Liony Schomer: ok so, basically, is the point in this meeting to set up a government?
Liony Schomer: oh right :P
trixxiee Schomer: and I apologise, cos I seem to have a lot of lag
topper Schomer: k
Mirage Schomer: right
Mirage Schomer: np
Wintermute Schomer: as always
Liony Schomer: :P
Faz Schomer: I dont rely on the adults unless i need some money.
Liony Schomer: :P
Mirage Schomer: i might seem out of it for a while my brother is playing on wow
Faz Schomer: or scripting tips
Wintermute Schomer: Idont rely on the adults PERIOD
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well for tose who do!
Wintermute Schomer: I jsut annoy them
Liony Schomer: :P
Wintermute Schomer: its what i'm good at
trixxiee Schomer: so, obviously democracy, as in governments, isn't the only way of ruling, so does anyone have any suggestions as to how we should set up a way of looking after schome park for ourselves?
trixxiee Schomer: so I've noticed, Winter
dollopfrog2 Schomer: communist
Liony Schomer: Oligarchy?
Wintermute Schomer: i'm agaisnt a pariminet
baso Schomer: i do
baso Schomer: can i speak for a mo please
Mirage Schomer: dictatorship?
trixxiee Schomer: yes, baso
Wintermute Schomer: god no
Liony Schomer: Monarchy :P
baso Schomer: ok
Wintermute Schomer: unless its me in charge
Faz Schomer: um Ill pick it up
Liony Schomer: :P
Mirage Schomer: oh queen?
Wintermute Schomer: how about a metrocracy?
baso Schomer: i think, we should help each other, ok the money issue,
Mirage Schomer: majority voting
baso Schomer: we need adults for that
Liony Schomer: well if there is anything, could I be head of the police? :P
achilles Schomer: think of this, democracy is the slowest form of governemnt but is the fairest
baso Schomer: can i ask you, why otherwise do you ask for them
baso Schomer: ?
Wintermute Schomer: I want to be head of spies
Liony Schomer: not necessarily
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well I will be Queen if I must :P
baso Schomer: and also
Mirage Schomer: htis is the NFTP all over again :P
Liony Schomer: it can be quite biased
Wintermute Schomer: no , TRIX IS QUEEN!
Liony Schomer: Indeedy :8
baso Schomer: ok
topper Schomer: please can we not get ahead of our selfs
trixxiee Schomer: yes, because obviously, we need to be as fair as possible, so is democracy/government the best way to do that?
Wintermute Schomer: haha
Faz Schomer: um woops
trixxiee Schomer: thank you, Winter
baso Schomer: im goign to shut up, i cant even get a word in
Wintermute Schomer: MYSELF!
trixxiee Schomer: can everyone be quiet and let Baso speak please?
dollopfrog2 Schomer: WELL DONE
achilles Schomer: you know can ppl plz shut up if you haveb't got anything usefull to say
Mirage Schomer: baso? you where saying
trixxiee Schomer: if you want to chat, please use IM
Faz Schomer: i did say i was picking it up... =l
baso Schomer: ok, think about it,
baso Schomer: why do we need staff other than learning things like physics and scripting
baso Schomer: and also money
Wintermute Schomer: and cleaning up
Liony Schomer: good point
baso Schomer: and how much would you say you build
baso Schomer: that was pointless
baso Schomer: or isnt needed
Faz Schomer: thats all the reasons there
baso Schomer: that much
baso Schomer: ?
topper Schomer: some people are less confident
Wintermute Schomer: ok, hang on, let me just point this out!
baso Schomer: can i just add on
Wintermute Schomer: once this island is open, the goverment will have to be given control of delelting
Wintermute Schomer: because we're going to have a lot of people coming here
Wintermute Schomer: and thats a lot of mess
Liony Schomer: also, can I say something?
baso Schomer: i quoted a while ago, on this, we become more mature
topper Schomer: yep
baso Schomer: so for that to happen
Wintermute Schomer: not me
trixxiee Schomer: so, now we're talking about the powers a governement would have. what other powers do you think there should be?
baso Schomer: take this as adults
baso Schomer: i beleve plannig permit and also respect should come into order
Liony Schomer: laag
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we should get a group of original NAGTYers
Liony Schomer: if we do have a government, perhaps that would be the fairest way to ecide what gets built where?
Liony Schomer: *decide
topper Schomer: we need a planning comity
Wintermute Schomer: there you go, Trix
baso Schomer: and i agree with liony
Faz Schomer: this isnt a meeting its a mob. take it in turn guys?
trixxiee Schomer: thanks, Winter
Mirage Schomer: powers we should have things like planning permisson, how best to use the land on this island
Liony Schomer: thanks baso :)
Liony Schomer: and also rule-breaking
trixxiee Schomer: so, would a planning comittee be the same aas the government, or would they be separate?
dollopfrog2 Schomer: i think we need some land each
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well would we need a court??
Liony Schomer: separate
topper Schomer: no land ownership
Liony Schomer: but also a part of
dollopfrog2 Schomer: cos i wanna b able 2 make trees n stuff
achilles Schomer: i thin planning commitee should be a job of a department of the gov
Wintermute Schomer: I think we should see if we can get people to continue the 'lessons'
topper Schomer: yep i agree with baso
Liony Schomer: yes that is a good idea Winter :)
Barbie Schomer: yep
Faz Schomer: we should also get the best builders and the best scripters and make commities of them
baso Schomer: i think every month or two month we should elect helpers
Mirage Schomer: i think that they should be both, as they need to be part of the gov else they would condradict them but they also need their own hirachy
trixxiee Schomer: I think that it is useful to have the strand staff, but obviously, the less we need to rely on them the better, really
topper Schomer: yes
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: but if we had land each we wouldn't be able to socialize as most people would be building
baso Schomer: i think we make our own
achilles Schomer: can i addd something
baso Schomer: we have a ballet
Liony Schomer: We do need people who can help others though
baso Schomer: and it gets reelected
baso Schomer: ever 2 moths
baso Schomer: or soo
trixxiee Schomer: so, going back to point 3 on the agenda, would there be a leader of the government, talking about heirarchies, and wuld there be seperate departments
Liony Schomer: :)
achilles Schomer: yes
Liony Schomer: probably
baso Schomer: well
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: and we would need a courthouse to stop the rule-breaking
Mirage Schomer: yes
topper Schomer: we need to set up a goverment
baso Schomer: just like a government
baso Schomer: but like the UN
Faz Schomer: I like helping on online games. been doing it for over a year
trixxiee Schomer: how would we elect the government, and how would we elect the leader from that?
dollopfrog2 Schomer: i would like some public land where we can section bits off and remove sections as we need. like the sandbox but with permission to make trees n grass
Mirage Schomer: but they must all report to one central co-ordinator
baso Schomer: no leader
Liony Schomer: everyone should be in the 'government'
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: 1st we need to decide on job titles
Liony Schomer: but the leader should be elected
trixxiee Schomer: would it be easier to have people nominate themselves and do a manifesto, or would they be nominated by other people?
baso Schomer: can i raise a point rather quick
trixxiee Schomer: I think it would get complicated if everyone was in the government, because there are a lot of people on the island
dollopfrog2 Schomer: go
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: then we can elect a person for each job, eg head of buildig etc
Mirage Schomer: leader every 2 months comitee/boards every month?
Liony Schomer: ok
baso Schomer: think about the structure of the United Nations, and use it
Liony Schomer: :)
Faz Schomer: this is pointless. none of the views are being heard.
Mirage Schomer: hmmm what exactly is that?
Faz Schomer: take it in turn guys?
trixxiee Schomer: okay, so that is point three covered, what would the government do, once they have been elected?
Liony Schomer: I don't think you should have those rules about 'you can only be on the government once'
trixxiee Schomer: Faz, don't worry, a summary will be put on the wiki to see the points clearly
Mirage Schomer: hmmmm
Liony Schomer: because then you could get someone really good who couldn't be elected again
baso Schomer: no...you can be on the government for 3 periods in a row
Liony Schomer: ok
achilles Schomer: yead ageed with liony
trixxiee Schomer: okay
baso Schomer: and must be very sensible
Liony Schomer: :)
Faz Schomer: trixxiee thats not my point. the point is nobody is replying they are just shouting
Mirage Schomer: 2 term selectiuona dn then a break?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: sort out building and what have you, with a different member responsible for each department
baso Schomer: yes mirage
trixxiee Schomer: so what would the departments be?
Wintermute Schomer: i'd like to still hold the library
Faz Schomer: good idea daisy
achilles Schomer: i say any1 on a depart cna stay forever but leader 1 term
Liony Schomer: planning, law & order,ruling
Wintermute Schomer: and the philosopy
baso Schomer: departments 1. Pllanning
Liony Schomer: general decisions
Faz Schomer: building, planning, order
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: building...land ownership...rule-breaking..etc
baso Schomer: yes
topper Schomer: the goverment shpuld have some moderaters as other wiseth island would desend into cayos
baso Schomer: daisy
Faz Schomer: safety
Wintermute Schomer: good point
Liony Schomer: oh yes safety is a good point
achilles Schomer: utorial
trixxiee Schomer: so would the government be allowed the same sort of powers that the staff currently have, be able to delete things and such?
achilles Schomer: tutorial
baso Schomer: so 1. Bulding, 2. Help and Safety of the Community, 3. Rule Breaking
Liony Schomer: no
achilles Schomer: tutorial
baso Schomer: yes
Liony Schomer: unless you work in a department which requires them
baso Schomer: well...the certain divisions
Wintermute Schomer: hang on
baso Schomer: like the building
topper Schomer: yep right lioney
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: I don't think the should have the same powers...
baso Schomer: would need them
Faz Schomer: i would very much like to be involved with building.
Wintermute Schomer: what about the education ?
Liony Schomer: obviously if you are a cleaner, you need to be able to move/delete things
Wintermute Schomer: i'd like to be involoed in education
PrettyKindOfOrc Schomer: dunno i dont remember
achilles Schomer: i could do planning
Mirage Schomer: afk
baso Schomer: and law would have to be able to delete
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well made liony
Liony Schomer: good point baso
baso Schomer: could i make asuggestion
Liony Schomer: laag
trixxiee Schomer: because people are saying what they want to do, are we saying now that they can nominate themselves, or is it still going to be 'closed' ballots?
Liony Schomer: sure :)
baso Schomer: i think, we make a few thread on the forum
Wintermute Schomer: a vote
baso Schomer: and people can post on this
baso Schomer: for a week
Mirage Schomer: back
achilles Schomer: open nominations then votes
Liony Schomer: good idea baso
baso Schomer: and then we hold a meeting on results
baso Schomer: ty
Wintermute Schomer: someone needs to build a ballot box
Liony Schomer: :)
baso Schomer: wintert
Wintermute Schomer: yes/
Liony Schomer: :)
topper Schomer: people might feel pushed out though.......
trixxiee Schomer: yes, I think a thread in the forum will be useful afterwards
baso Schomer: i can make a box were you put ur name
baso Schomer: like a lottery
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: I think we should work out a way to vote in world
Wintermute Schomer: Trix, may I lead now/
trixxiee Schomer: yes, Winter
topper Schomer: nowe need the best person for the job
baso Schomer: i no one way
baso Schomer: but its rather tricky
Liony Schomer: baso?
baso Schomer: one were you touch it
baso Schomer: and it sends an email
Mirage Schomer: which job where?
baso Schomer: and then you cant touch it again
baso Schomer: or
Wintermute Schomer: I look stupid in this
baso Schomer: !!!
Liony Schomer: shut up! baso is speaking!
baso Schomer: you could make a group of objects
baso Schomer: were they are non copiable and the ones that have less in the end
baso Schomer: wins
baso Schomer: ?
baso Schomer: ?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: great idea!
Wintermute Schomer: good idea
Liony Schomer: I think it would be easier to have a thread on the forums, personally
topper Schomer: me to
baso Schomer: so do i, a thread would be a hell of a lot easier
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: but it should be annoymous
Barbie Schomer: exactly
Liony Schomer: ask the mods if it can be moderated more often
trixxiee Schomer: for open nominations, the easiest is probably to do it in the wiki, for closed its more complicated
baso Schomer: infact
baso Schomer: perhaps a survey
baso Schomer: were its annonimous
topper Schomer shouts: this meeting isent working
baso Schomer: ?
Liony Schomer: Hmm ...
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah that is good Baso
Faz Schomer: afk.. not that my contributions mean anything anyway.
trixxiee Schomer: shall we move on, Winter?
Wintermute Schomer: indeed
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: like the questionnaire?
topper Schomer: people art getting a word in
baso Schomer: yes
topper Schomer: arnet
Wintermute Schomer: the darptments; ideas?
Liony Schomer: yes, that's a good idea :)
Wintermute Schomer: what shall we have?
achilles Schomer: tutorial
achilles Schomer: law
Mirage Schomer: building, scripting, gerneral affairs etc.
Wintermute Schomer: what about Education?
Liony Schomer: Safety
achilles Schomer: planning
Liony Schomer: planning permission
trixxiee Schomer: Public Relations/Communications
Liony Schomer: Law & Order
Wintermute Schomer: our teachers arnt going to be here forever
Liony Schomer: :P
Mirage Schomer: finances
Liony Schomer: finances?
Liony Schomer: Mirage we don't have any money here :P
Mirage Schomer: yup that i can't spell
trixxiee Schomer: for money and such, I presume
achilles Schomer: not finaces or pr not needed
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: court houses, a proper legal system
baso Schomer: Ok, Building, PPublic Relations, Law and Order, Finances, General LeaderShip, Reports
Wintermute Schomer: EDUCATION, PEOPLE!
Liony Schomer: :)
baso Schomer: Education
Wintermute Schomer: what are we going to do about it?
achilles Schomer: planning
Liony Schomer: oh yes education - like teachers
Liony Schomer: :)
Mirage Schomer: Planning permisson is a must
Wintermute Schomer: teachers wonrt be here forever
Liony Schomer: planning = building dept
Wintermute Schomer: we will have to 'become'
baso Schomer: but winter
baso Schomer: we have skyhihg, that is an example
baso Schomer: of education
achilles Schomer: can i make a pooint?
Liony Schomer: sure achilles
trixxiee Schomer: could we stick to the agenda, and discuss this at the end if there is tim,e, since we seem to be going round in circles
Euphloozie Phlox is Online
Barbie Schomer: i think people could organise sessions if they want to themselves
achilles Schomer: how many posts will each person be allowed to apply for: one person can't do every job
Wintermute Schomer: Trix, you take the lead, i've got to have dinner
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: one post per persom
Liony Schomer: one
trixxiee Schomer: ok
Liony Schomer: :)
achilles Schomer: and leadership should be an addtional one
Liony Schomer: no
trixxiee Schomer: right, firstly can whoever made that moveit out of my face
Liony Schomer: it shouldn't
trixxiee Schomer: thank you
Wintermute Schomer: hah
achilles Schomer: so ppl can apply to one depeartment and leadershi
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: no one or the other leadership or a post
Wintermute Schomer: i'll still be in charge of the library
Liony Schomer: :)
Liony Schomer: indeedy
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we'll do that at the end?
trixxiee Schomer: now, if we could go to the agenda, and discuss what departments there should be at the end, because it can be discussed on the forum, and we are still going in circles
Liony Schomer: ok
Wintermute Schomer: trinagles
Liony Schomer: ok so what number of the agenda are we on?
trixxiee Schomer: so, should we have anoy other rules generally as well as the AUP to help keep Schome Park friendly and easy-to-manage?
dollopfrog2 Schomer is Offline
trixxiee Schomer: number 5
achilles Schomer: education, planning, law,
Liony Schomer: yes that'sgood
Liony Schomer: yes
baso Schomer: umm
topper Schomer: what is law though
Wintermute Schomer: to control within parametiers
baso Schomer: guys, focus on te givin task
Liony Schomer: if you break a rule
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: I think we need a law to, like no theft of objects etc...
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: no shoting
trixxiee Schomer: things like not building on ground level, except in the sandbox?
Mirage Schomer: baisc laws and punishments.
Wintermute Schomer: we cant do that
Liony Schomer: that's a good one
achilles Schomer: no punishemnt
baso Schomer: GUYS, please, listen to trix
baso Schomer: Girls also
Mirage Schomer: that's doable
Liony Schomer: :P
Wintermute Schomer: :P
topper Schomer: but some devolopments need to be on the ground
Liony Schomer: ok
topper Schomer: eg. the marina
Liony Schomer: but they would be allowed with planning permission
achilles Schomer: sthats planning's job
trixxiee Schomer: ok, no developments on the ground unless they have the permission of the soon-to-be planning department?
Mirage Schomer: other ones with planning permisson?
Liony Schomer: :)
achilles Schomer: correct
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: and no sootin
Liony Schomer: ok are we agreed on that?
trixxiee Schomer: anything else?
baso Schomer: ok. I personally, only building in the sandbox then consult a planning adviser
Mirage Schomer: gd gd
trixxiee Schomer: what about violence?
topper Schomer: but sky devolopments need to be regulated as well
baso Schomer: and they should do that
achilles Schomer: yep agree with baso
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: no shooting...winter....
Liony Schomer: :P
Mirage Schomer: water area must be free of boats unless dopcked in the marina
Wintermute Schomer: heyt
baso Schomer: No act of violence to be commenced
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: :P
trixxiee Schomer: there was a topic in the forum on this, don't know if people have had a chance to read it, but what do you think about weapons?
Wintermute Schomer: I thionk we should have a thing a week, or every couple of weeks
Wintermute Schomer: wehre the whole thing is a war zone
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: or those leaves...
trixxiee Schomer: but then we have to decide what counts as violence, baso
Wintermute Schomer: just for fun
achilles Schomer: specific area nowhere els
Liony Schomer: or unless you are driving said boats :P
Mirage Schomer: certian areas and at certian times e.g. re-enactments
baso Schomer: violence, shooting, virtually hurting
baso Schomer: umm
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yes, some people no tlike war..
baso Schomer: verbal
topper Schomer: yep
Liony Schomer: those are good
trixxiee Schomer: how about a specific shooting area or something, so that the poeple that don't want to get shot/whatever, can avoid it
Wintermute Schomer: good idea
achilles Schomer: agree with trix
Mirage Schomer: nice idea
baso Schomer: yes
Wintermute Schomer: Trix, i trust you'll be in it all the time
Wintermute Schomer: I know I will :p
Liony Schomer: :P
Wintermute Schomer: yes
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah, but can you control your shots?
Mirage Schomer: barriers and doors
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: ok
baso Schomer: we could hold a rifles / shooting club
Liony Schomer: should the law enforcement be givenm weapons?
Liony Schomer: *given
Mirage Schomer: area has a wall on it only accesible via the door
achilles Schomer: no
baso Schomer: ever so long in the function room at skybase
Wintermute Schomer: I plan to use weapons to boot people out of the library
baso Schomer: or even make a huge room
Liony Schomer: :P
baso Schomer: to shoot in
topper Schomer: no law in forsment MUST be peaceful
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: not me you won't winter
Liony Schomer: but breaking the law isn't :S
Mirage Schomer: how about the libarary as a verison of laser tag?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we need a police
achilles Schomer: unless the breakersin't peaceful
baso Schomer: i was just thinking that
Liony Schomer: ok
baso Schomer: a lser tag in the sky
topper Schomer: we dont need a ploice force
Liony Schomer: so we have laws for the law enforcement then?
achilles Schomer: if we open to the grid then ppl won't be friendly
baso Schomer: if they arnt
achilles Schomer: peace won't work
baso Schomer: bann them from the area
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well we need a court to stop people and there are some weridos out there
baso Schomer: it s doable
topper Schomer: we just need to regulate buildings Etc
Liony Schomer: well we'll need someone to build a court then
trixxiee Schomer: ok, to summarise so far: a government is the best way to go about looking after Schome Park, and they will be eleced by open nominations and then closed ballot. A leader would be elected, and there would be sub departments to sort out specific things. certain departments would have differnt powers in accordance to their roles, and they would be allowed to be relected a max of 3 terms in a row. rules about building and violence should be made. is there anything I have missed so far?
Wintermute Schomer: excuse me, daisiy!
Mirage Schomer: how about codeing that allows only sparkers to this island
trixxiee Schomer: at the moment, the island isn't open to the main teen grid, so no one else can come here, apart from the staff
achilles Schomer: thats already in place mirage
Woop Kamachi: useful summary, thanks Trix
Wintermute Schomer: no, how would we get new members?
Liony Schomer: its there already :P
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: if we make an area where a NAGTY people only could go
baso Schomer: i think, if we place it in an awquard position
achilles Schomer: but thats exclusive
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: if we join the group
baso Schomer: and place a teleport into a newbie place
achilles Schomer: imagine if you were a non nagtyer
baso Schomer: so they come and learn
baso Schomer: etc...
Wintermute Schomer: exactly
baso Schomer: and any misbehavors
achilles Schomer: kick
baso Schomer: get banned foom the area
Mirage Schomer: right
baso Schomer: wich is simple
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: exactly, but we can go in there if you need to get away from the indecen people
Wintermute Schomer: like paedophles
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well yeah
Liony Schomer: well paedophiles should be permanently banned
trixxiee Schomer: this is a teen grid, and we don't have to open the island to the rest of the grid, I don't think
Wintermute Schomer: io've encountered them
Liony Schomer: I think most people have :S
Wintermute Schomer: dosent stop someone from forging deatils
topper Schomer: if it is open to the main grid we need some order somting we dont have
trixxiee Schomer: ok, moving on
achilles Schomer: no adults on this grid except education
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: but, I've been on the grid before this project
achilles Schomer: like the staff on this island
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: (TSL)
achilles Schomer: main and teeen grids are seperate
achilles Schomer: no commucation between
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah
trixxiee Schomer: okay, next point that I've been asked to raise is how would we help each other, without having to rely on the staff so much? should there be a help team, should it be down to the government, or just whoever's online?
Mirage Schomer: we have 10 mins guys
baso Schomer: well
Liony Schomer: government
achilles Schomer: whoevers online
Mirage Schomer: both
baso Schomer: everyone
Aston Schomer: just ask anyone
baso Schomer: should help everyone
Liony Schomer: or you could have a HELP DEPARTMENT :p
trixxiee Schomer: but surely, the people in the governent arent necessarily going to be the people who can best help?
Liony Schomer: oops caps :S
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we need specialists in each subject to ask
baso Schomer: with dais
baso Schomer: yes
baso Schomer: daisy*
Mirage Schomer: eg head builder, scripter etc. on help desk call
topper Schomer: every1 has different expertise so every can help every1
achilles Schomer: we can't create jobs for the sake of it ppl its ineffiecnet
trixxiee Schomer: so would we compile a list of people, say on the wiki, of who we can contact aout a particular subject, for help?
Aston Schomer: yeah
Liony Schomer: yes that's good :)
Aston Schomer: great idea
baso Schomer: yepp
trixxiee Schomer: I don't think we should create jobs, just lists of people we can ask to help us
baso Schomer: ye
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: like the help button where it send s offline staff an mail
baso Schomer: no daisy
Aston Schomer: but we could say who is good at what
Liony Schomer: offline staff?
Mirage Schomer: so a section for builders another for sripters
trixxiee Schomer: remember you can always offline IM people if you want their help specifically
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well when all staff are offline it emails them and I guess it wasn't such a goood idea
trixxiee Schomer: I think it would be best if we didn't have to relyon a help button as such, but asked people that were around through IM, or offline messaging them if they are not here
Liony Schomer: no a help button is a good idea
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah ignore me..please
Liony Schomer: but it sends them to online staff
trixxiee Schomer: if we did ofline emails, who would the emails be sent to?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: gp
Liony Schomer: and then you get help immediately
trixxiee Schomer: the goverment, the leader, the people who are on the list as helpers, everyone?
baso Schomer: guys, girls, is there a help button in real life, or do you just call ur freinds
baso Schomer: ?
Liony Schomer: specialists
baso Schomer: or specialists?
Mirage Schomer: enter what kind of help you need and then an email only goes out to those with experience in those areas
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: so we've fgot specialists so far
trixxiee Schomer: offline emailing can be irriating if you are away, for instance, so maybe that's not the best route to go down?
Liony Schomer: indeedy
Mirage Schomer: hmmmm
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: ok no offline emails
baso Schomer: but saying some body is a specialist, that meens that ur downgrading another person
topper Schomer: yep
baso Schomer: just put people hu wil help
TheSchome Ranger: You could use the SParkers 1 group to seek help - IM SParkers 1
achilles Schomer: +1 baso
Liony Schomer: not necessarily
trixxiee Schomer: thanks, Ranger
baso Schomer: and the person can add or emove them selves from the list
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: good point rnager
Liony Schomer: good point
Faz Schomer: I dont like how these meetings are being run
Wintermute Schomer: it's too messy
achilles Schomer: i agree
Liony Schomer: how so?
trixxiee Schomer: yes, so we will set up a wiki page that tells us who is good at what, you can add yourself to the list, and if you need help, you will see if one of these people are online, yes?
Mirage Schomer: what baout haveing a group for builders and another for scripters etc. then offline iming them
topper Schomer: here here
baso Schomer: yes
Faz Schomer: its just a mob
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yes
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: (imean for trix)
achilles Schomer: its people looking after themselves
Aston Schomer: go justice!
Faz Schomer: woot justice!
Mirage Schomer: i'm confused
baso Schomer: just like in real life, weer you pick up the yellow pages
Liony Schomer: justice is cool :P
topper Schomer: Hallaulgh me point has got acrosss
Faz Schomer: uh maybe taking turns like normal meetings?
baso Schomer: and find somebody hu will help
trixxiee Schomer: okay, is it alright to move on now?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah
topper Schomer: someones talking coman sence now
Liony Schomer: sure :)
Mirage Schomer: 5 mins
baso Schomer: i think so
achilles Schomer: can i make a very important point
trixxiee Schomer: yes, achillies
achilles Schomer: the sucess of this pilot rests on this government
baso Schomer: bbr guys
achilles Schomer: if ppl can't behave maturely then the pilot ends cos nagty will not pay for continuation
topper Schomer: yep we need a strong goverment
Liony Schomer: I agree
Mirage Schomer: the way nagty's going we may not be around next year
achilles Schomer: so if you want to pilot to go on then plz ppl be quiet
trixxiee Schomer: thank you, achilles
trixxiee Schomer: okay, so if we move to point 6 on the agenda, please
Mirage Schomer: hmmm good point
Liony Schomer: ok
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we need a courthouse
Mirage Schomer: temple would do
Liony Schomer: well disputes could be resolved withhelp of a court
trixxiee Schomer: is a courthouse sensible for every type of debate?
baso Schomer: umm, this could be the court?
achilles Schomer: a courthouse is unessacary it is a publci mob house
topper Schomer: no people need to sort it out them selves
Liony Schomer: no, we needa proper court
Mirage Schomer: no major ones probably minor unnessicary
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well what about a repiica house
Mirage Schomer: ?
Liony Schomer: ??
achilles Schomer: if a courst is like this then its a public flogging
Liony Schomer: lag
Aston Schomer: i think that having a court is ridiculous
Wintermute Schomer: i've just learnt that the group ssytem has a voting system in place
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: like amodel of a court house
trixxiee Schomer: if a dispute can't be sorted out personally, should one neutral person come in to help, or should it go to a court?
baso Schomer: Disputes- Should ge somebody, a freind to try and calm them down and resolve it
Liony Schomer: maybe it should be both
Aston Schomer: i second that
achilles Schomer: if in trouble call staff
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: what Trixiee said
baso Schomer: no
topper Schomer: people need to sort disputes out themselves
trixxiee Schomer: also, if you have an argument with someone, would you want the whole world/schome park to know about it? I know I wouldn't
achilles Schomer: that you ca't solve
Mirage Schomer: court should only be for major desiscions and disputes
Aston Schomer: i agree
baso Schomer: cos thats using staff...the very ting were questioning against
Liony Schomer: hear hear Mirage
topper Schomer: no court
trixxiee Schomer: staff? is that the government, the leader, the adults here?
achilles Schomer: court is a show trial
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: and yes mirage
topper Schomer: it wont solve a thing
achilles Schomer: think about it this way
trixxiee Schomer: court to me suggests something like a murder or divorce case, which obviously wouldn't happen here
Liony Schomer: :P
topper Schomer: yep
Mirage Schomer: yes in SL marrige... :P
achilles Schomer: if it came down to a court with a jury then ifsomeone was to be kicked out for gulty
Wintermute Schomer: Trix, I want to marry you
Liony Schomer: well we could have marriages here :P
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well, a persistant argetting could end up in court
Aston Schomer: what is going to happen here that needs a court!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
achilles Schomer: then it would be who has the most mates
trixxiee Schomer: but would the disputes we have here be necessary for a court?
Aston Schomer: no
Liony Schomer: possibly
topper Schomer: we DONT NEED A COURT
Barbie Schomer: that would be sooooooo cool if you could get amrried
Barbie Schomer: *married
baso Schomer: Disputes - Minor (abusing ppl etc..) Freind sorts it out, calms them down and warms them, Major (greifing etc...) A Jury to be brought up like once a wekk or two weeks
achilles Schomer: a court is unfair in a closed socity
Liony Schomer: I agree with Baso
Faz Schomer: ahem. may i talk?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: what Baso said!!!
Aston Schomer: justice!!!!!
Liony Schomer shouts: let Faztalk
trixxiee Schomer: ok, we seem to have a disagreement here about courts, so should we discuss this firther on the forums?
Mirage Schomer: yes
trixxiee Schomer: Faz, would you like to speak?
baso Schomer: i agree with trix
Faz Schomer: i would
Liony Schomer: :P
Faz Schomer: will everybody hear me out?
Liony Schomer: ok
baso Schomer: yes
Mirage Schomer: yes
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: yeah
Wintermute Schomer: Faz, nice head!
trixxiee Schomer: yes
Aston Schomer: bring on that justice
Faz Schomer: to be honest i hate the way these meetings are being run. we should go round asking each person present what they think on the matter with no interuptions untill they are finished
topper Schomer: here here
achilles Schomer: +1
Mirage Schomer: hmmm
Faz Schomer: wouldnt that get things solved?
Liony Schomer: that would take too long ...
Decimus Schomer: That would help, but I think it'd be difficult to get done
Euphloozie Phlox: /It strikes me that this is one affordance of SL that differentiates it from standard IM systems
Faz Schomer: but isnt it better than a rabble of shouting people?
Aston Schomer: justice!!!!! and yes i agree
topper Schomer: no it would be a fair way of dealing with it
trixxiee Schomer: time is a problem - we have already overrun here, and we have not finished yet
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: but then a point may be made that you eant to comment about
achilles Schomer: yes but in this case nobody is listening, only shouting
Liony Schomer: xshall we all meet tomorrow to finish this?
baso Schomer: no
achilles Schomer: no
Aston Schomer: all we could over run and not worry
trixxiee Schomer: no, I think it's easiest just to finish now
Mirage Schomer: continue this on the forums?
baso Schomer: i think , make this on the forum and give it one week
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: no my mum's bday
Liony Schomer: yes, on the forum :)
Decimus Schomer: At least here we can read everyone's points, whereas in RL you can't hear one person from a group
baso Schomer: then compare the results
topper Schomer: what about having a trial paliment
trixxiee Schomer: I have the chat logged (hopefully) so I will be ablehelp from the staff
trixxiee Schomer: yes, Ranger
TheSchome Ranger: Can I say something?
Decimus Schomer: Topper - I don't think there are enough people here
Liony Schomer: :)
Faz Schomer: if oraganising meetings here doesnt work then maybe move them to the forum?
topper Schomer: but we could see how it works
Liony Schomer: hear hear
Decimus Schomer: But then we wouldn't have the dancing :p
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: gp
Liony Schomer: lag
Liony Schomer: :P
Mirage Schomer: :P
Faz Schomer: I'll let you all get on with it now.
Faz Schomer: thankyou
trixxiee Schomer: keep on topic please, everyone
Aston Schomer: justice!!!!!!!
trixxiee Schomer: thank you, Faz
Liony Schomer: ok
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: Ranger, you wanted to speak?
Decimus Schomer: The thing with the forums is that it could take days to sort out something we can sort out in a matter of 30mins to an hour here
Wintermute Schomer: I offer fire to you mortals
trixxiee Schomer: Ranger was saying?
TheSchome Ranger: Thanks Trixx - There are a few staff here - and we have been deliberately keeping quiet (bar a few private IMs in the background) - cos it is important that you take ownership of this thing.
TheSchome Ranger: and there is a danger that you see what we say as being more important in some way that what you say
TheSchome Ranger: and that would be bad from my point of view
Wintermute Schomer: yeah
TheSchome Ranger: However, there are things that we might be able to help with
Aston Schomer: here here
TheSchome Ranger: so long as you were happy that you could take them or leave them
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: will staff be able to access this grid if it is opened uo?
Decimus Schomer: Yep, that's the Right Thing, I think
trixxiee Schomer: agreed
TheSchome Ranger: there are also things that we might want to 'be persuaded of' - and which you might do well to bear in mind
TheSchome Ranger: so - for example - the future of the pilot is very much dependent upon what you folk decide to do -
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baso Schomer is Online
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TheSchome Ranger: and how that works out in terms fo the community being self sustaining
TheSchome Ranger: and there are things we might be able to help with in terms of that
TheSchome Ranger: if you wanted
Faz Schomer: I have to leave now
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: so we don't have to depend on anyone, but you could help us if needed
Mirage Schomer: bye faz
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: ?
Aston Schomer: by
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: bye faz
Liony Schomer: bye
trixxiee Schomer: bye Faz
trixxiee Schomer: thank you for coming
topper Schomer: bye
Aston Schomer: keep going with that justice
Decimus Schomer: Sounds right, Daisy
Wintermute Schomer: using 'partner'oo
TheSchome Ranger: we are keen that you become self-sustaining - in a way that is inclusive - not clicque
TheSchome Ranger: (how do you spell clique?)
Liony Schomer: no idea :P
topper Schomer shouts: HERE HERE
Mirage Schomer: don't ask me
Faz Schomer: I want you to think about this. a person is smart but people are stupid and of those who do not talk few are silent
Object: ShadowQueen Schomer is in need of help at the SCHOME PARK help station.
trixxiee Schomer: you got it right there, Ranger
TheSchome Ranger: cos it would be difficult if folk built up power bases that excluded other people - particularly in May when new folk will be arriving
trixxiee Schomer: I think
TheSchome Ranger: who may not be from NAGTY for example
achilles Schomer: i agrre totally with ranger
Liony Schomer: same
TheSchome Ranger: and they need to feel part of the community too
Decimus Schomer: Schome - where will they appear?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: oh no! will you be able to stay on ??
Decimus Schomer: *sorry, where will they be from, I should've said
TheSchome Ranger: Well it is not clear how the island will develop at the moment
TheSchome Ranger: lots of options
TheSchome Ranger: for example, we might at some point allow you folk to go out into the mainland of the teen grid
Liony Schomer: :)
baso Schomer: i hope :P
Aston Schomer: yay!
Decimus Schomer: Apparently, it's mad out there
TheSchome Ranger: we might (almost certainly will) add new folk to the island - in the same way you were added
trixxiee Schomer: to be honest, I don't really want to go onto the Main Teen Grid
Mirage Schomer: hmmm......
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: umm I've been put there before piolet, it is not that good :S
TheSchome Ranger: we might let from from the mainland of the teen grid come in
Mirage Schomer: i don't think i'll be allowed...
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: don't do it
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: seriously
Aston Schomer: dont let people from the main grid come here!
TheSchome Ranger: It is useful to have that feedback
Liony Schomer: where else will we get new people from?
Barbie Schomer: i wouldnt mind
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: we need at least one place where only w can access it
baso Schomer: the NAGTy
trixxiee Schomer: I like the fact that we are a community, and we all know most of the other people, and know what we can and can't do, which would be much harder if other people frm the main grid (not the others you are inviting on) came here
TheSchome Ranger: and one of the things that the government (or whatever the mechanism for managing the island is called) might want to decide upon
Decimus Schomer: Indeed - the TG will be populated mainly by an accurate representation of the teenage population, and from my experiance you wouldn't want to meet many of them!
Aston Schomer: i agree
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: well as long as there is a place where only we can enter I could cope
TheSchome Ranger: bearing in mind that this all fits within the overall schome project - which is about developing ideas for what the education system should be like - and is very much about being inclusive
baso Schomer: i third that
Mirage Schomer: i think this is getting a little bit heavy for the first meeting
topper Schomer: socially it could be challenging with any one entering. I like knowing this is one place i am talking to simila folk and that make socialising much easier for me tham RL
TheSchome Ranger: sorting out issues like this is heavy
TheSchome Ranger: cos hard descions need to be made
Mirage Schomer: getting ice cream brb
Decimus Schomer: Have we decided on a governmental system yet? Because I appeared halfway through
Liony Schomer: ok
Liony Schomer: no :P
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: not yet
Decimus Schomer: Okie dokie then
trixxiee Schomer: we've decided to discuss it further in the forum, Deci
TheSchome Ranger: they are real decisions - that impact on things like your future in Schome Park and our potential future funding (which in some sense means our jobs)
Liony Schomer: :S
TheSchome Ranger: So they are real decisions -
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: but will you be able to stay on if they open the island?
topper Schomer: we need to have a meeting as we have been discussing this for ages
TheSchome Ranger: but we are over time - and Trixx has suggested that we carry on in the forum - which sounds like a good plan cos that way everyone gets a chance to chip in
Liony Schomer: :)
Aston Schomer: so many things to decide!!! my brain hurts...
Decimus Schomer: I have to go for food now; I'll be a while...
trixxiee Schomer: I think we should call it a day here, 15 overrrun as it is, and everyone is tired
Liony Schomer: but we need toask the mods if it could be moderated more
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: ok can we dance though?
topper Schomer: yep
trixxiee Schomer: *15mins
TheSchome Ranger: What I wanted to say - and kind of side tracked from - was that even when we (staff) say stuff you should not give that undue weight
trixxiee Schomer: yes, dancing is good ;) ?I can take pics of you
achilles Schomer: can gov mods plz put up the department nmnations htreads plz no vote but nom
TheSchome Ranger: I will try to ensure that we don't do the teacher thing and try to override your decisioins
Liony Schomer: :P
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: lol
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: like 'it's very good, but....'
trixxiee Schomer: I personally would like to wait a little bit longer before we nominate people to discuss more clearly what we are going to do
topper Schomer: k can we call this meeting to a close
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: aye!
Liony Schomer: ok
trixxiee Schomer: is there anyhitng anyone would like to add?
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: lets dance!
TheSchome Ranger: I'll shut up now
TheSchome Ranger: though sometimes we may ask difficult questions and expect some good explanations/justifications ...
XxDaisyLouxX Schomer: awwh
TheSchome Ranger: blimey - that was hard - didn't say anything for almost a whole hour
topper Schomer: meeting over i think
Aston Schomer: lets boogie on down!!!!
Liony Schomer: was that a hint by any chance, Ranger? :P
trixxiee Schomer: ok, if no one has anything they want to say, I declare this meeting officially closed