PeterT's view of the role of ICT in education

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Hmm - complex stuff.

Embryonic notes (to be expanded!):

  • ICT changes how we can re-present knowledge (eg procedural knowledge)
  • ICT changes our view of subjects (eg what it means to be a historian)
  • ICT doesn't change the way in which we learn (from a learning theory perspective)
  • ICT does provide new approaches to learning (which require new techniques/skills)
  • ICT is not (shouldn't be) the driver - key is what education is for - then need to explore best way to achieve that (which may sometimes involve use of ICT) - need to understand the potential that ICT offers in order to decide best way to learn/teach something
  • ICT can act as a catalyst for change - what I like to think of as a trojan mouse (eg. Interactive Whiteboards may at first be introduced as an electronic blackboard - accepted cos it is not that different - but it can potentially lead to radical changes in pedagogy - gets teachers to engage with the technology so that they start to experiment and without realising it find that they are doing things differently)