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Past schome events

18th May 05     Schome Research Group Meeting, 9.30am to 13.30, The Open
                University (contact PeterT)

17th May 05     PLAC Research Seminar, 1pm to 2pm, The Open University.
                'The assessment problem' by Peter Twining (contact PeterT)

Past schome related events

10-11 August 06   Distance and Open Learning for the Future: Bridging the Divide, 
                  Open Universities Organization, Vancourer, Canada
17-24 July 06     International Conference PBL 2006 ABP (Problem Based Learning), 
                  Lima, Peru

26th June 06      Futures forum: Assessment, Microsoft & the TDA,
                  Reading, England

26-30 June 06     Imagining the future for ICT and education, an IFIP WG 3.1, 3.3 and 3.5
                  joint conference, Alesund, Norway

22 June 06        Future Schools and the Relevance of Adult Learning,
                  Niace, Sheffield, England

20-22 April 06    This Learning Life Conference, University of Bristol, Bristol.

 6-17 March 06    Personalised Learning: iNET student online conference.

20-26 March 06    Adult review week

14-16 December 05 IADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning
                  in Digital Age (CELDA 2005), Porto, Portugal

14 December 05    Success factors in informal learning: a conference to explore engaging
                  and motivating young adults through literacy, language and numeracy,
                  Institute of Education, London.

6 December 05     Volunteers are adult learners too: A conference which explores the
                  contribution of learning for and through volunteering, NIACE, London.

24-25 November 05 International Conference: ICT, Media & Learning - Moving technology,
                  changing society, Danish University of Education, Copenhagen.

15 November 05    Teen Works 2005: Young People and the Internet, WISE KIDS and IT Wales, 
10 November 05    Shaping the School of the Future, GovNet, London
8 November 05     Beyond Listening: young children's perspectives on early childhood, TCRU, 
                  Institute of Education, London

2-3 November 05   Science, Society and Sims: The future of science education, Nesta Futurelab
                  Coventry University Technology Park, Coventry

14-15 October 05  Handheld Learning 2005, Goldsmiths College, London
                  (Check out Alan Slater's Pocket education vision if you are 
                  wondering why this is listed here!)

28 September 05   Do buildings make a difference? School buildings and learning environments,
                  University of Newcastle Upon Tyne Seminar, Newcastle upon Tyne
                  Further info from or 0191 222 6943

2-23 September 05 Reggio Emilia Exhibition (including conference and workshops),
                  Swansea University

1-2 September 05  Collaborating on the Boundaries of the Possible, Bath
                  Mirandanet ICT CPD workshop and conference

4-5 August 05     International Democratic Education Conference, Berlin

17-24 July 06     International Conference Problem based Learning (PBL) 2006 ABP, Lima, Peru 

6th July 05       e-maginative learning, Stoke-on-Trent

24th June 05      EGames Conference, Nottingham  

21-27 May 05      Adult Learners' Week