Past Schome staff

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Non-active Schome Park Staff

This page lists staff no longer working in Schome. Follow this link for details of staff currently working on the project.

Lizit.jpg Pilgrim.png Vigo.jpg Mark sl.png
Lizit Sparker Pilgrim Sparker Vigo Forager Mark Cabaret
In-world support In-world support Slog developer Old-timer
Socratic.png Zenna.png Teklac.jpg Nanodave.jpg
Socratic Shepherd Zenna Sparker Teklac Yue Nanodave Writer
Philosopher In-world support Archaeologist Technologist

Martha1.jpg Awaiting.png Awaiting.png Missed.jpg
Martha Soon Rab Sparker Teresa Sparker Siobhan Nishi
Administrator In-world support In-world support Sadly missed

Awaiting.png Awaiting.png Awaiting.png Awaiting.png
Diabound Nihilist Troubleat Mills Liam Crosby Dimly Sparker
Past project member Past project member Archaeologist In-world support