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The news archive has been superceeded by the schome community history (bliki) and a number of other blikis - so check those for more recent info about 'news' to do with schome.

Truancy rates increased by 10% last year (BBC 21-September-2005)
Teenage truancy rates increased by 10% last year in English secondary schools according to government figures.

WikiWorks exceeds 50 registered users (4-September-2005)
The number of registered users of WikiWorks exceeded 50 this week - see the current list of registered users - don't forget to fill in your userpage!

DfES consultation on inspection (DfES 29-July-05)
Check out the (UK) Governments consultation paper which sets out a proposal that Ofsted should become the single inspectorate for children and learners - taking in a wide range of services for children and adults. Consultation ends on 4th November 2005.

New WikiWorks content (PeterT 20:44, 17-Jul-2005 (BST))
65 'chunks' commisioned for the Education systems section of WikiWorks - all of these should be live on the site by the end of July.

Children 'satisfied with school' (BBC News 8-July-05)
A survey carried out by Ofsted has revealed that pupils in most of England's state schools are at least "very satisfied". It found that in 48% of primaries most pupils were "extremely/highly" satisfied, and "very" satisfied in 44%. The corresponding figures for secondaries were 38% and 44%.

National Skills Academy Prospectus (DfES July-05)
Check out the prospectus describing the Government's vision for a network of National Skills Academies, an 'innovative' approach to meeting employers' needs for training. ....

State schools could learn from Steiner principles (Education Guardian 30-June-05),5500,1517494,00.html

Bilingual primary school to open (BBC News 22-June-05)
The first bilingual state school in England has been approved - with lessons in French and English. The project in the Wix School in Battersea, south London, is to be supported by the French embassy. Pupils joining the bilingual class will follow the national curriculum but will study all subjects in both languages throughout the primary school.