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Mobilisng Others

Project Leader: Kali Schomer
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This is a questionnaire that i did in my school. Years 10 - 13 filled it in for me with their ideas. all of those ideas are included below. If anyone has anymore results or comments, fell free to add them - Kali

1) Do you think that a young person’s views and opinions are listened to by the government?


2) What ideas do you have about tackling global warming?

- get rid of plastic bags

- make recycling a law

- plant more trees, not cut them down

- less big cars

- give people incentives to give up things that they like having (e.g. big cars)

- use less energy

- public transport – improvements, cheaper OR car-pooling

- encourage cycling etc

- tax on excess rubbish

- ban on domestic flights

- invest in wind farms along the coast

- make use of wind and tidal power

3) What ideas do you have about tackling poverty in Asia and Africa?

- help the countries to crate a democratic government

- money from the charity to help them work for themselves

- public awareness

- cancel debts

- get rid of the corrupt government

- teach skills etc

- money raised should go to the people – not the corrupt leader’s bank account

- better education for all in the countries

- make everything fair-trade/all products must be bought by businesses at a fair price, so that the money will filter down to the workers and farmers

- stop the exploitation of cheap labour by big companies

- workers rights to be established

- education

- sources need - such as farming equipment, crops they can grow, farm animals etc

4) What ideas do you have about helping developing and lo-income countries become part of the global economy?

- provide the tools so that third-world countries can earn and sustain themselves

- improve the state of education

- stabilise their economy

- responsible tourism in the country

- cancel any debts

5) What ideas do you have about tackling infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS?

- vaccinate

- donate to charities

- make contraception widely available, even to third-world countries where it is hard to get or non-existent

- awareness campaign – making sure people understand exactly what it can do to them

- get the country (e.g. South Africa) to admit that there is a problem, so that they can move forward to finding a solution

- make the drugs that help the disease cheaper and more available to everyone

- make people understand, so that it can be de-stigmatised and a way forward can be found

- make sure that people understand before it is too late - stop acting as though the subject is something we can't talk about

- make people feel as though they can get advice from centres that are established

6) What could be done by your peers to make you interested in and involved in global issues?

- fundraisers

- group tasks, such as events in schools, to make people understand and involved

- events run that are aimed at young people

- make information more available and easier to understand and relate to for young people

- include it in education

- start campaign clubs for young people

- programs for young people, so that they can go and see what their campaigning and donations has done for people

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