Media session 1 - 4/7/07

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Chatlog of first media meeting

[10:55] SLogbook say, use me by saying '/5' followed by your text.
[10:55] Terra E-Chute 2.0 say, Ready.
[10:55] Gesture is missing from database.
[10:55] Second Life: Your object 'Object' has been returned to your inventory lost and found folder by Aston Schomer from parcel 'Schome Park' at Schome Park 98.0062, 68.2164.
[10:55] flio Schomer is Online
[10:55] Marsbar9: i am so sorry bout this, the meting is going to be late
[10:55] Pigment SParker: yes, I am working with them at the moment to figure all out
[10:55] Marsbar9: hang round for ten mos ye?
[10:55] Marsbar9: thanks!
[10:55] Martin SParker is Online
[10:56] achilles Schomer: sure
[10:56] explo Schomer is Online
[10:56] Pigment SParker: hello, no probs
[10:56] Marsbar9: chers:-)
[10:56] achilles Schomer: i managed to break the camera lol i gave the different viewpoints the same time - not good
[10:57] Pigment SParker: Yes, I wrote to the creator of the camera, but did not get a reply
[10:57] Pigment SParker: some is still a bit puzzling, but I also got away to use the commants within file
[10:58] achilles Schomer: must get a lot of letters its a popular tool
[10:58] achilles Schomer: hi
[10:58] Martin SParker: Hi gang
[10:58] Pigment SParker: Hello :)
[10:59] Martin SParker: There's a "media" meeting tonight, yes?
[10:59] achilles Schomer: yes 10 minutes
[10:59] Martin SParker: Is it gonna be here?
[10:59] achilles Schomer: yep
[10:59] Pigment SParker: Have you used the frabs software to capture your movie clips?
[10:59] achilles Schomer: i used the in-built camera in sl
[11:00] achilles Schomer: the file-> start movie
[11:00] Pigment SParker: ok, I also downloaded frabs to capture control
[11:00] Pigment SParker: it is a simple little plug in
[11:00] achilles Schomer: my computer has resticted download so can't really get it
[11:01] achilles Schomer: i used one of the codecs built in that it offers
[11:01] bench: Return value=
[11:01] bench: Error inserting avatar data into DB - Contingency steps being taken.
[11:01] achilles Schomer: the only downside was that the particluar codec uses a strange double speed
[11:02] flio Schomer: Infuriating connection
[11:02] Pigment SParker: ah ok,
[11:02] flio Schomer: Hey all
[11:02] achilles Schomer: hi flio
[11:02] Pigment SParker: Hello, like your teddy :)
[11:02] flio Schomer: Thanks pigment
[11:02] flio Schomer: his name is Mr CUTe
[11:02] flio Schomer: he doesn;t bite
[11:02] flio Schomer: but he does kill
[11:02] flio Schomer: :)
[11:02] flio Schomer: =P
[11:03] Pigment SParker: oh I better do not mess with Mr CUTe
[11:03] flio Schomer: =p
[11:03] Liony Schomer: ellooo
[11:03] flio Schomer: Hello lio
[11:03] Liony Schomer: has anyone got a hiding script?
[11:03] flio Schomer: Nope
[11:03] achilles Schomer: errm got a cloaking one
[11:03] Liony Schomer: invisiprim? :S
[11:03] achilles Schomer: yea that one
[11:04] flio Schomer: =P
[11:04] Liony Schomer: bumit
[11:04] flio Schomer: Who invented that!
[11:04] achilles Schomer: baso
[11:04] Liony Schomer: I need a hiding script cos I want a flame at the head of my staff :P
[11:04] flio Schomer: Good old baso
[11:04] flio Schomer: ????
[11:04] Liony Schomer: but want to be able to hide it :P
[11:04] flio Schomer: ....
[11:04] flio Schomer: Does that make any sense?
[11:04] Liony Schomer: ?? :P
[11:05] flio Schomer: Liony you joker
[11:05] flio Schomer: =P
[11:05] Liony Schomer: ??????
[11:05] Liony Schomer: 8-|
[11:05] flio Schomer: Invisible flames+people=burnt people
[11:05] Faz Schomer is Online
[11:05] Liony Schomer: :P
[11:05] flio Schomer: As simple as qunatum leap
[11:05] Liony Schomer: riiight
[11:05] Liony Schomer: gotta go anyhoo
[11:05] flio Schomer: Why on EATH
[11:05] Liony Schomer: byee
[11:06] flio Schomer: DO I ALWASY SPELL QUNATUM WRONG!
[11:06] flio Schomer: bye
[11:06] flio Schomer: CURSE YOU QUANTUM!
[11:06] flio Schomer: CURSE YOU !
[11:06] flio Schomer: not really
[11:06] Pigment SParker: He he he
[11:06] flio Schomer: I love qunatum
[11:06] Liony Schomer is Offline
[11:06] flio Schomer: QUANTUM
[11:06] flio Schomer: hey
[11:06] flio Schomer: mars is back and down to Earth
[11:07] flio Schomer: Oh that was rich
[11:07] flio Schomer: as rich as a a butter smothered piece of toast
[11:07] flio Schomer: Using anchor spreadable