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This page has been archived, as information about Second Life in the media is covered in the Forum in more detail.


Article on Second Life in Sept 28 2006 issue of The Economist
Article on Second Life in October 2006 issue of Wired magazine. Includes nice overview of Second Life, how to get there, hazards and annoyances, where to shop, a useful map of the entire SL world and a tiny paragraph about building things in SL.

Newspapers and News Agencies

Financial Times Saturday magazine 18 November 2006 has a large article, Get a (second) life.
Reuters reports on how much money a few real-world comapnies are making through Second Life.
Times Higher - 24/11/06 "Meet the avatars, your new students" Perspectives on how IT will change the nature of academics' work in ten years time. Quotes from delegates at Online Educa conference in Berlin. Page needs username and password from the OU Library site
Times Higher - 01/12/06 Campus created in an acre of pixels Story about HE teaching and learning in SL including UK based academics teaching online. Page needs username and password from the OU Library site


None of our reporters have seen articles on Second Life on television yet ...


Definig and Understanding Vitrual Worlds by Karl M Kapp provides an useful overview of different types of virtual worlds and identifies examples ... (On the Learning Circuits website)

The BBC website sometimes reports on Second Life:
Video clip
Second Life being attacked by grey goo
The possibility of the Big Brother tv show having a special edition in Second Life
Teen Life article: "Teenage clicks in Second Life"

Channel 4 microsite providing an insight into SL (e.g.list of top places to visit)
Gamasutra (a site for games developers) has an article called Converging: An Interview with Henry Jenkins. Jenkins is an MIT Professor, one of the foremost academic commentators on contemporary media and author of a new book, Convergence Culture. The interview covers many areas of the games industry, but jump to page 4 to read his response to the question "We're seeing a lot of coverage of Second Life, but how important do you think The Linden's project really is?" The full article begins at

The Register (online tech gossip magazine) sometimes covers SL

Second Life escapists told to wake up - Child poverty deaths shame Sadville
Second Life equal with First Life - Survey finds virtual world as important as reality