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Welcome to Mars

MARS IS NO LONGER. Due to Schome Park 2.0, mars, now known as "com. centre"until a new name allocated, will be on the ground, a joint project with second steps ans Sky-High. THIS NEW BUILD, COMM.CENTRE is a COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT JOB. See below:

Mars will get the very ground FLOOR done before anything else is done. Hopefully this will be done by saturday this week. On sunday(hopefully, we need all the team, that's mars,baso and faz to be there) we can add the walls and get it done. Please sign up here

Welcome to mars, one of the newest sky builds, located at (173,183,103), there is a lot of you to do here, with fun and educational activities, as well as the newest shop to hit Schome Park - TeScho, as well as many more things (see below). We have a team of 7 Schomers working to bring you a new community and leisure facility. We've already hit phase 3 - the retail outlet! If you fancy having a shop to make some money instead of asking the staff for some then leave your details below, or ask any of our team.

We're going to have some more pics coming on within the next few days (trixxie????? lol) Don't forget to have a look at our new area, with our posh new reception desk !!! You'll notice we've just opened the new area, with the open shop, and a meeting area/theatre above, even with backstage access! We'd realy like to get people coming into mars and attempting to set up some sort of house or shop - even if it's just joining our group.


  • Wiki Page finally updated, just waiting for more pictures.
  • Main Lobby area now re-opened after week long re-furbishment. Picture coming soon.
  • New staff members now joined
  • Our new reception desk is fitted
  • TESCHO now moved!!!!!!! To the new area underneath the NEW!!! theatre.
Info on Mars
What is our aim?

Our aim is to bring a new community to Schome. Our building was originally going to house Sky-Base, but we decided to use it for Mars. Mars is there for you to use. Feel free to move into an apartment, get involved with us or to create a shop or office. Just speak to any of us.

We'd like you to become involved in some way with mars. Ways you can get involved with mars include:

  • Joining our group
  • Getting a job
  • Creating a shop/office
  • Moving into an apartment
  • Coming up with an idea for our future.
Who's in our staff team?

There are several of the SParkers in our team. These SParkers are:

  • Liony Schomer
  • Vibia Schomer
  • Marsbar9 Schomer
  • TibbyFairy Schomer
  • Baso Schomer
  • Flio Schomer
  • XxDaisyLouxX Schomer
Links within the forum




Links within the Wiki

Our Homepage

Click on the teleport in the Scho-Op to be taken to Mars
This is Mars, the manager of Mars (sense a theme?). If you have any questions, you can ask him or any of the other Mars helpers
Here is one view of Mars from the sky...
...and here is another
This is TeScho, just one of the shops in Mars
And this is Mars Theatre, where meetings along with other events can be held

What's in Mars?

  • Apartments, full size, we allow you to build low prim inter-rooms so you can have a kitchen and a bedroom
  • Office Space ( you MUST speak to mars soon to book one of these, we're not making many!!!)
  • Shops, Tescho (now fully open) and many more (if you want to make one see mars or tibbyfairy)
  • Teleport Room
  • Island Online and Offline board.
  • Island Information

Who own's / lives in what

I want an apartment(In this case I want gets :P) Sign ur name below so we know who owns wt!!! Like the signs outside the apartments say, you can move in anytime, just please sign your name below so other people don't move in to your apartment.

A1 Vibia Schomer A2




I want a shop:

I want a job: