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Hi! I am Mark Cabaret, you'll see me in SchomePark sometimes. Most of my job is actually helping on the website, the wiki, and the forum outside of SchomePark but I'll be dropping in now and again and I'm always happy to chat or to help you.

I know a little bit about building and scripting, I can help a lot on the wiki and the forum. I'm interested in the sociological aspects of how the pilot runs: how Sparkers take to the environment and what they do with it.

Hello Mark! It's TibbyFairy here, just read your comment on my UserPage. I replied for you there :D. (I hope this is how you write a little comment on someone's page because I've never actually done it before! If it is wrong feel free to delete). So, how about you Mark? What are your favourite things in Schome Park (although it's being changed)? Umm, yeah. Thanks for commenting on my page, hope to 'talk' like this again soon! User:TibbyFairy Schomer19.05.07