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What is Machinima?

Machinima is a pormanteau of the words "machine" and "cinema". See Machinima for more details. Pigment SParker has set up Machinima workshops within Schome Park as part of the joint Media and Promotional sessions. There was an amazing turnout, and Schomers such as Achilles have been able to improve their Machinima skills even further. The finished thing should be unvailed soon...

We are looking to apply for a grant from MediaBox, a group set up to fund disadvanataged children get better media equipment. Pigment managed to convince them to let us apply even though many of us are not disadvantaged, as we are "gifted and talented." She is looking for help to answer some questions so we can get the grant - see the media child board for more information (on the forum). The poster on the left is one resource Pigment was after, in a bid to convince MeiaBox. More pictures of our activities are springing up all the time, and we're hoping to be able to document them in a professional way.

What are we up to at the moment?

We're due to finish the SkyShip Hindenburg machninima by the end of the month, and after that, and (hopefully) after some funding, we can look at getting CSI:Schome Park up and running, and also making a start on TITANIC. A full machinima and media timetable is being made and will be up very shortly. Watch this space for more information.


The title sequence to CSI: Schome Park is now up and running, so take a look. There are several familiar faces in there...

Machinima Meets ans reservations

This table shows the days when we will do machinima, and whether or not that particular day (only for that week) has been reserved for a specific project.

Day Time Reserved for project
Tues 7-8PM
Thurs 7-8PM
Sat 11-14
Sun 11-14