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Background information

July, 1907. J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line, and Lord James Pirrie, chairman of the shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff, have come up with the idea to make three amazing vessels, the largest made by man: Titanic, Olypmic, and later on, Britannic.

Schome Park Machinima is directed by Marsbar9 Schomer and filmed by Pigment SParker. Work is underway to create the sets, and also the write the script. If you're interested, leave a note on the talk page.


18/1/08 25/1/08 1/2/08 8/2/08 15/2/08 22/2/08 29/2/08 7/3/08 14/3/08 21/3/08 28/3/08 4/4/08 11/4/08 18/4/08 25/4/08 2/5/08 9/5/08 16/5/08 23/5/08 30/5/08 6/6/08 13/6/08 20/6/08 27/6/08 4/7/08 11/7/08 18/7/08 25/7/08 1/8/08
Project End
Script Published
Building commences
Agree who does what
Begin filming
Files sent to editor
Editing begins
FINAL Editing
Promotion begins Premier set
Premier? Premier?

Explanation of Timetable


The script is being made by Marsbar9 Schomer and should be completed, checked over, edited and approved by 1/2/08.

Building commences

Building of sets and clothing needs to begin by 1/2/08 and completed, which involves all clothing being copy/mod and given to everyone (and a copy archived in SPTC) by 22/2/08

Agree who does what

By 29/2/08 we need to have agreed on who does what:

  1. Characters
  2. Filming
  3. Special effects
  4. Editing
  5. Promoting the film

Begin filming

Filming needs to have started by 7/3/08 and finished by 9/5/08

Files sent to editor

The files need to have been sent to and received by the editor by no later than 16/5/08. Editing needs to have been completed and reviewed by 13/6/08

Promotion and Premier

Promotion needs to have begun by 20/6/08. This includes:

  1. Promoting the film
    • Posters
    • Letting everyone know about premier
    • Possibly an edition in the newsletter
  2. Updating pages in wiki

The date of the premier must have been set by 4/7/08 and the premier must have taken place by 18/7/08.


Contingency has been included in case we run out of time or a specific part of the project needs additional time/resources. This shouldn't be required however, as a strict (but open in time) timetable has been arranged.


This blog will be recording the events of the project. Feel free to add/extend a post.'


The timetable has been published and the deadline set.

4th November

The main outside is nearly finished, the walls need sorting, and the water needs extending, but work is coming along nicely. Baso brought over some UUIDs for textures used on the main grid. The interior is started, with the large dining room and grand staircase being planned.

Mars began work on making some plates fly off cupboards, but unfortunately to use a scultped prim plate, and to make them physical, they have to have a large gap between them.

The exterior gets a paint job, with the "Titanic" being put on the front of the ship.


The draft script is made, and Pigment gives tips on how to make the storyline better. Work continues on the sets.


The decision is made to begin planning the second machinima, Titanic. The main hull of the ship is made, and the script is started.