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This page is to tell you about current machinima projects in Schome.

Currently, discussion about Machinima Projects is here on the forums.

Current Projects

Sky Ship Hindenburg

The Sky Ship that will be used in the film

The first full machinima to be made in Schome will be a short (3 min.) film using a flying ship currently in-world, based on the true story of the Hindenburg.

Those currently working on the project with Pigment are:-

  • Decimus - editing/SFX
  • The Professor - story
  • Faz - explosives/props
  • Achilles - recording
  • Martin - casting/storyboards
  • Hapno - Directing/animation
  • Topper - Music & sound ? (please confirm)
  • Mars - possibly help with SFX and the story, know what happened.
  • Baso - Props, basic costumes, sfx,acting scenebuilding, tips and advice, textures/stage directing :D
  • Daisy - Acting?
  • Vibia - I'm quite happy to help with costumes and acting

Current Progress

Write here what you have done, or are ready to start doing.

  • The filming is, I believe finished, and Pigment is currently editing the footage. Professor Schomer 16:13, 10 November 2007 (GMT)

The premiere is proposed for the 1st December.


Information on this project can be found on the Schitanic blog

CSI: Schome Park

Information on this project can be found on the CSI: Schome Park wiki page

Finished Projects

The final version of 'Airship Hindenburg' can be viewed on

Look on the Events page for times of meetings, and look at the forum for discussions.