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Hello everyone! I am going to be presenting about Second Life at a conference in New Jersey on Friday and Saturday. Here is the program: [1]. My particular presentation is here: [2].

We will be in-world and hopefully at Schome Park PRECISELY between 3:35-3:45pm GMT (10:35-10:45am Eastern US time) on Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1. Just like Peter's interview with, this is a coordinated event, and will be somewhat stressful to manage! I need to stay on track time-wise and also make sure the presentation itself is compelling. :)

I would like to meet Peter and a few others for 10 minutes (the time will go very quickly), USING VOICE IF POSSIBLE (I think voice will make an impression on them but if you all would rather not I will respect that). I would love to interview everyone but with such limited time we can't. (I am taking them to three other places in Second Life and we only have an hour).

Peter has suggested and I agree that the physics group might be good for my audience. This is an educational conference and the people watching will be hungry for "hard core" educational examples. Is anyone from the physics group available to join us?

Peter has also suggested that we talk about governance of the island, and points out Trixxiee or Explo would be good to say (or text chat) a few words. Are either of you available? Anyone else interested?

Finally, we will want to highlight the connection between this Wiki, the Forum, and SPii as complimentary media. I trust Peter can speak to that.

Please edit this page below to let me know if you can make it. Peter already has said he can. Thank you for your help!


Hopeful Participants So Far:

  • The Schome Ranger
  • Explo
  • Kali
  • Decimus

Overall Approach: would be best if we had something either set up in advance to show (i.e., a physics example) or something to talk about. We can use either text or voice though I would prefer voice if possible, simply for the 'wow' factor. It will blow the audience away here, I am sure!

I will ask you to introduce yourself and say a little bit about your time in Schome Park, what you've enjoyed, what could have been better, and then let you explain to my audience what Schome Park is all about, what you'd like to say or share, etc.

10 minutes will go VERY quickly. So if we have a couple of people more, we'll probably be at maximum. THANK YOU!!!

I think i can come, as i have just found out that i have this friday off. I can answer some questions on the government, as i am a member of the co-ordination department and also was a key member in helping to set it up. I can see about using voice chat, but will have to find a mic. I will try hard to get one/borrow one off someone, but if not, i will have to use text chat. Let me know via a PM in the forum if you want me to attend on friday. Thanks :) -Kali Schomer

I'd be rushed to get there right at the start on Friday as school only ends at 3:20, but I should be able to make it. Saturday is always a little random for me but again it should be possible. I can talk through some of the physics and hopefully set up a few demos. One problem is that scripts are hard to show, and comprise much of the work. I'm not sure why I'd be particularly good as an interviewee but I'll come along anyway. I've found out that my computer does in fact have a mic so I can talk if that's what is wanted.

I won't be able to get there on Friday (school finishes at 3:50!), but on Saturday it should be fine.
And I don't have a mic. Yet. (though I should be getting one quite soon, ie for Christmas)
--Decimus 19:51, 29 November 2007 (GMT)