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Various times and dates - see Events page for details
Environment (led by Vibia)
Economy (led by Explo)
Development (led by Topper)
Diseases (led by Emodalek)
Mobilising Others (led by Kali)
Social Commitment (led by Kali)


Venue: Japanese Garden on Alpha
Max: no limit
Organisers: Elsa

About Junior 8

If you had the opportunity to tell world leaders what they should do to solve global problems, what would you say?

The Junior 8 program gives you the chance to develop your own ideas about the most pressing global issues today, discuss them with your friends, classmates and young people from around the world, and present them to the leaders of eight of the most powerful countries in the world.

Junior 8 Competition

By entering the J8 Competition you can develop your own solutions to global problems and win the chance to take them to the leaders of the G8!

Groups of young people can enter the J8 Competition by putting forward their ideas on the topics discussed by the G8 this year. Entries are judged by an expert panel in each country and one group of four students is chosen to represent their country at the J8 Summit.

Junior 8 Summit

The J8 Summit provides a unique chance for young people to have their ideas heard by eight of the world's most powerful leaders.

At the J8 Summit, winning delegates from around the world meet to discuss the major issues on the G8 agenda. Together they produce a final document outlining their solutions to global problems and discuss these joint ideas directly with all G8 leaders.

Junior 8 Competition

Could you come up with a new way of approaching the most important global issues of our time? Do you think your ideas could help to fight climate change, poverty and diseases? Enter the Junior 8 Competition now!

To enter the competition, teams work together to come up with their own ideas on how to tackle the key issues being discussed by the G8. They submit these ideas online through the J8 website.

The entries are then judged by a specially selected panel in each country. The team with the best entry from each country is chosen to take part in the J8 Summit and share their ideas with counterparts from around the globe. One delegate from each team will have the opportunity to meet the leaders of the G8.

What are the Junior 8 2008 topics?

Global warming and climate change
Poverty and development
Child survival, infectious diseases, and HIV and AIDS

Competition deadline

The deadline for entries is 12:00 AM GMT, 31 March 2008. Any entries received after this date will not be considered by the judges.

All entries must include supporting information describing the following:

Why are you, as a team of young people from a G8 country, interested in global issues, and why have you chosen to take part in Junior 8?
How did you research your entry and what types of information (e.g. books, films, newspapers, conferences, interviews, etc.) did you use?
What have you learned through the Junior 8 process and why should your team be chosen to represent young people from your country at the Junior 8 Summit 2008?
What are the judging criteria?

Judges look for competition entries that meet the following criteria:

Original work of a high quality
Work that is imaginative, innovative and solutions-oriented
Clearly communicated, feasible ideas
Evidence of research and discussion
Evidence of group work
Demonstration of an understanding of global issues
Evidence of social commitment
What happens next?

Prepare your entry and submit it on the J8 Web site.

The winning groups from each of the G8 countries will attend the J8 Hokkaido 2008, an all-expenses-paid 7-day Summit during July 2008.


Questions that have to be addressed:

There has to be a 500 word personal statement AND either the written statement OR powerpoint presentation OR video to show what you would do if you were the G8 leaders. For example if you go for the written statement these are the questions you have to address (much the same for the vid and the powerpoint):

The Environment and Climate Change:
Describe two ideas how G8 countries can achieve sustainable and efficient energy supply, energy consumption reduction and other measures to curb global warming and better protect the integrity of the environment. (Up to 300 words in total)

The Global Economy:
Describe two ideas to address how emerging and lo-income economies can participate in and benefit from the global economy with positive impacts on the health and security of their citizens. (Up to 300 words in total)

Discuss why the regions of Africa and Asia face high poverty rates, and what that means for children in these regions and for other citizens around the world. Present two ideas describing what the G8 leaders can do to reduce poverty in Africa and Asia. (Up to 300 words in total)

Infectious Diseases:
Infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis are a major burden on the health and productivity of people – particularly children – in many low-income countries. Describe two measures to help curb one or more diseases that can be undertaken by G8 leaders. (Up to 300 words in total)

Be sure to cite all of the references you used in a bibliography/list (include the websites, newspaper articles, magazine articles, letters, presentations, books etc that informed your research.

Social Commitment:
What activities has your team led or participated in this year that demonstrate your commitment to global issues, social justice and the community around you?

Mobilising Others:
How have you collected the views of other young people in the UK on G8 agenda issues before the Junior 8 summit? If you were able to attend the Summit, how would you then inspire other young people to become involved in global issues in your community? (Up to 300 words in total)

Additional Material:
You can supplement your competition entry by submitting additional materials to present your views, your research and your work on social justice issues, such as photographs, audio/visual materials and any other creative media.

Along with the above, the entry needs to have:
A letter/letters from your Head teacher(s) indicating support for your application and release from school to attend the Junior 8 Summit and the May preparation meeting, should your team be selected
A letter from a guardian/parent for every team member indicating support for your participation in the Junior 8 Summit and the May preparation meeting, should your team be selected.

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