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Moving and maps

Moving around

To walk around just use the arrow keys on your keyboard In Second Life you can fly! You can fly by clicking on the 'fly' tab below the chatbox You can use the movement controls to move, turn, jump, crouch and fly up or down

You can fly up to a distance of 1 million metres, but this would take a very long time unless using a movement script and if you go over this height you COULD


You can use the minimap to find out where you and other avatars are. The orange dot is you and the green dots are other people at about the same height as you. Ts indicate people above you and upside-down Ts indicate people below you. The minimap also shows some other things - dark blue is water, green is land, grey is other people's builds, purple shows objects with 'share with group' set and are in a group that you're also in and light blue indicates your objects.

That's a *lot* of stuff of yours! :p --Decimus 20:11, 23 July 2007 (BST)

chatting, IM and friends


You can chat with other avatars by selecting the 'chat' icon

You can chat with any other avatar in schome park whether they are on your friends list or not. If you click the say icon once you have typed in your text, then avatars can hear it from 20 metres away. If you click the 'shout' icon then avatars will be able to hear your text from 100 metres away. There are different channels you can speak on, e.g for channel 1 you would put '/1' in front of your text. Other avatars will usually be unable to hear different channels but it is useful when giving scripted objects commands. If you put '/me' in front of your text then it will appear as if you have not said it. E.G 'Faz Schomer is having fun' instead of 'Faz schomer says: is having fun'


Instant messaging

When you recieve a new instant message (IM) then an icon will appear above the IM tab

Changing your appearance

How to change your appearance Step 1. Right click on yourself and select 'appearance'

Your name title will now change to (editing appearance)

Step 2. You can now select what you want to edit from the appearance menu.