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Info about where you can get large screens etc in Second Life

From SLEDT list 14-Nov-06

Large screens are available in a variety of sizes (5x5m, 10x1m and 20x20m) are available from the ThinC Store on the main grid in the Lota district. ThinC also sell control consoles that can display different imagery on their screens just by clicking on one of six mini-monitors on the console (though you can also display on the screens the conventional way by dragging a picture from your inventory onto the screen).

The Campus island on MG has, I believe, a vending box outside one of its buildings where you can pick up a giant whiteboard for free that can not only display images but allow you to move cursor pointers across the screen and highlight particular details to students.

Found a black one there - you can't copy it. This is close to what I'd like to use as a starter and then hack around with for sure. Also a white one which you can't copy --Mgaved 23:22, 11 December 2006 (GMT)

You can make your own simple display screen though with the creation tools for free. The maximum size of object you can create is 10x10m (which is probably big enough for most classes anyway) but if you want bigger then you can join several homemade screens together to make one giant one.