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Staff Orientation Meeting 4 - Getting to know each other - Thursday 13th December, 8:00 - 9:00pm GMT (3:00-4:00pm EST)

A get together for staff

Details Participants

Date: Thursday 13th December
Time: 8:00-9:00pm (3:00-4:00pm EST)
Venue: By Red Help Button
Max: 15

Organiser: Euphloozie Phlox

With lots of new staff members arriving, we thought it would be nice to schedule a few sessions where they could meet each other, existing staff members and students just to chat, ask any questions and generally get the feel of things. Fairly unstructured, these are scheduled for lunchtime/early evening on alternate weeks. All welcome.
Meet by the big red help button. Any problems finding people, look at the mini-map and head for the group of green dots. That's probably us.

1 Euphloozie Phlox
2 Amba
3 TheSchome Ranger
4 Wilco Sparker
5 Woop (but I doubt I'll make it for 8)
6 Penelope Sparker
7 Elsa (as long as the Elslets' nativity finishes on time)
8 Hanson SParker
9 Yankee SParker (I have to leave for another meeting @ 8:15)
10 Fox Phlox (I hope)
11 Ronnie SParker
12 Kreila SParker

Notes from the meeting

Notes from meeting

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