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I (Mars) would like some volunteers to create a mini project starting from July 1st, which will be showing people around the island. Hopefully, if there are enough volunteers, we can get two or three schome veterans to be able to take a group of four or five. Haven't consulted Peter or the Staff yet, but I thought it would be good to go ahead anyway. Leave you name under general names, and under desired category

Basic Intro

  • Topper Schomer






Names of volunteers willing to get involved

  • Marsbar9 Schomer
  • achilles schomer
  • topper Schomer


This is something I think everyone can get involved with. Not just the government. What's the need for consultation when this was mentioned before?

  • All-knowing voice. um yeah, who are you? And wouldn't this be a job for the events department?
  • Mars please can you consult people before you put something like this up on the main page or do something like this! You don't even know if you will be able to do it yet! yours lovingly Aston Schomer
  • Everyone should be consulted about something like this - it is something that should involve the whole community and therefore how it is run should be decided by everyone. I also agree with the 'all-knowing voice' that how to introduce new people to the island should be, in the main, Events' job, with input from everyone else. I think it is something that needs to be done, but to be honest, people are less likely to want to help if they aren't consulted about how it should be run first. Why don't you put a topic up in the events board, so that everyone can have their say? :-\. - Trixxiee
  • Faz is the all seeing voice btw
  • yes and the person above this is Hapno
  • WRONG! Mars lol