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Virtual Heritage (2) - Wednesday 21 November, 7-9pm GMT

Is there such a thing a virtual heritage? Why do we build monuments, castles and museums in Second Life?

Details Participants

Date: Wednesday 21 November
Time: 7-9pm GMT
Venue: Newcomer's Centre
Max: 15

Organiser: Fox

Fox and Fraternal Writer (another member of the Schome Forum)have been invited to write a section of the Open University's new course in Heritage Studies (A280). We're going to be writing about virtual heritage - if it's important, why it's important and what it can tell us about the more conventional types of heritage. We'd like to include a case study of Schome Park - how we use heritage and how we are developing our own heritage/history. So this session is for discussion about museums, castles, memorials, archives, archaeology, re-enactments, historical costumes, Easter Island-style statues and anything else in Second Life which you feel is relevant.

1 Fox Phlox
2 Marsbar9 (first 45mins or so)
3 Vibia

Notes from the meeting We discussed

  • builds which draw on historical references, particularly Scholympia and the ruined chapel, and their importance for SPii
  • how quickly our history is developing
  • that we should give newcomers a history of where we are and where we've come from
  • that our ethos and how we learn together is part of our history
  • that SPi is part of our history - but only part of our community knows anything about it.
  • that the wiki provides a source for people to find out about our history.

notes for next meeting

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