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The schommunity website overview

The schommunity website is made up of a number of different components which are summarised below:

The static website

The schome community static website provides an introductory overview of the schome initiative as well as links to other parts of the website, including:

The wiki

This is what you are currently looking at. The wiki is the place where we document stuff to do with schome that we want to remember (and/or share with other people).


Blikis are like blogs within the wiki. They are generally used for keeping a 'historical record' by an individual or group within the schome community.

The forum

This is where we talk about anything to do with schome. The key difference between the wiki and the forum is that stuff in the forum has a shorter shelf life - and it changes more frequently.

The blog

The blog is one of the places where we reflect about schome and the work of the schome community - and share information about developments.

Second Life & Teen Second Life virtual worlds

We have two islands: SchomeBase in Second Life virtual world; and Schome Park in Teen Second Life virtual world.

SchomeBase and Schome Park are parts of the schome community website - in as much as there are many direct links between them. For example, within the wiki there are SLurls which when you click on them will take you to specific places within SchomeBase or Schome Park (assuming that you are a registered user of Second Life or Teen Second Life virtual worlds and have the necessary client software etc). In addition there are hot links in SchomeBase and Schome Park that take you directly to parts of the schome community wiki or forum.

Using the schome website

One of the difficulties of using the schome community website is working out where to go for different types of activity/information. The table below summarises the key purposes that each of the components of the schome community website aims to fulfil - this is adapted from an early blog post (which provides some of the underpinning reasoning that informed our thinking)

Purpose 'Tool' to use
Static website Providing an introductory overview (primarily for new visitors)
Wiki Providing (potentially co-authored) 'permanent' structured information
Bliki Individual and community histories - providing a 'permanent' chronological record
Blog Reflecting on schome, getting feedback, and updating the wider community
Forum Discussion within the schomunity ('fleeting')
Second Life virtual world Having a 'lived experience' of radically different 'education systems' - to inform thinking about schome visions

Using the wiki

You are currently using the schome community wiki (which we often just refer to as 'the wiki'). Wikis are different to standard websites in that anyone who registers can edit (almost) any page on the site. This is exciting as it provides a vehicle for us to collaborate via the web. However, it also means that sometimes the wiki does not look as clear as a standard website and may require you to navigate it differently.

Finding your way around

The key strategies for finding your way around inside the wiki are:

Editing pages

In order to edit a page - or add a new one - you have to create an account or login. Once you've done that a userpage will automatically be created for you, which you can access by clicking on your username at the top of the window (so long as you are logged in). You can use your userpage as a bliki (like a blogg only its in a wiki) and/or tell us a little bit about your interests etc. Remember that this is a public site - if you are under 18 you should not share any information that might allow people to communicate directly with you (eg keep private things like your phone number, email address, myspace details, where you live, school, etc).

Once you are logged in you can edit (almost) any page.

Each page has two sections (panels) - the article and the discussion. The article is the main section of the page where you publish your material. We would encourage you to use the forum to discuss things (rather than the discussion panels in the wiki).

Each page ought to be categorised - to help other people find it!

Wiki categories

This diagram shows the heirachy of categories to use in the wiki. Schome wiki contents 08-05-22.jpg

Each page should have at least one category allocated.
No more than one category of each colour should be listed on each page (use the category that is furthest to the right in the diagram)

Getting more help

If you want help on how to do things then check out these links:

or post a message in the Help discussion board in the forum.

Try it out

If you want to experiment then why not have a play in the WikiWorks playground - you really can't do any damage in here so why not give it a go?

Using the forum

The forum provides inbuilt help via the HELP option on the forum menu (which runs horizontally along each page of the forum just below the News and Search bar).

If that doesn't help - post a message in the Help discussion board in the forum.

Adding a hot link to a message

When you are editing your message do the following:
1. Write the text that will become the hot link

     This text will be the hot link

2. Put [url=whatever the url is you want to link to] at the start of the text

     [url=]This text will be the hot link

3. Put [/url] at the end of the text that you want to be the hot link

     [url=]This text will be the hot link[/url]

4. Post your message. The stuff inside square brackets will disappear and the hot link text will be in blue (though it won't be underlined or have the funny square arrow at the end that are in the example below!)

     This text will be the hot link

Using the SLog

The SLog (schome log) is a tool for taking notes whilst in Second Life (and Teen Second Life), which are saved out to your personal SLog webpage. Your SLog webpage is like a blogg.

The SLog is still underdevelopment ... Find out more ...

Second Life help

The Second Life help page contains links to lots of information, both within the schome community website and the wider internet, about how to do things within Second Life.

If this info doesn't help then post a question in the Second Life help discussion board in the forum. Remember to check whether your question has been asked by someone else before. When posting your question make sure that you change the subject line so that the nature of the question is obvious.

Teen Second Life help

Teen Second Life and Second Life use the same client software - so the help for Teen Second Life is almost identical to the help for Second Life. Where there are differences these are normally highlighted.

If the Second Life help doesn't help then post a question in the Second Life help discussion board in the forum. Remember to check whether your question has been asked by someone else before. When posting your question make sure that you change the subject line so that the nature of the question is obvious.</nowiki>

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