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Group Photos

Hi all, I was hoping to get a photo of all of us. I have a few pics of groups of people, but none of more than about 8 probably, please correct me if I'm wrong.

I thought it would be nice to get a pic of all of us together. Please sign you name below if you would be interested in being in the picture, I will put it up on thw wiki at the first oppertunity I get. After your name please put down when you can meet up. When there is an obvious date/day and time I will put up here when and where it will be.




  • Trixxiee, weekdays 7pmish, weekends anytime, pretty much
  • Aston, anytime
  • Baso, anytime after 7 30am to 8 30am, 7 30pm to about anytime below 11pm,
  • Wheelo Schomer, Weekends anytime, weekdays after 4pm and excluding 7.30-8.00pm