Governance Outcomes 12 04 07

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Outcomes of the Governance Meeting held 12th April 2007 at 7pm

  • A court isn't wanted to solve disputes because it is too big a thing for our island. As far as possible, disputes would be solved between the two people arguing, and if that was not possible, someone independant from the government would be brought in, i.e. someone from the planning/building dept if the dispute was to do with where to build, etc.
  • We want to call the adults in over disputes as little as possible, so as far as we can manage, they will only be contacted if it is a major dispute (or if someone wants to speak to them specifically)
  • Elections - nominations will be placed on the wiki, because that is anonymous, and we can also check the logs to make sure there is no cheating. You cannot nominate yourself, but you can be nominated for more than one department.
  • There will be 4/5 people in each department, depending on the dept, and one of these in each dept will be nominated as spokesperson by the others, though they will not have any other powers. These spokespeople will in turn help to feed into an Open Parliament, which of course other people can still contribute to.
  • There will be a wiki page set up for people to add their names to if they wish to help people with certain things. This is non-electoral, completely separate to the government and you can help with as much as you are willing to help with.
  • A chair would be elected to co-ordinate the meetings etc., but they would by no means be a leader and would have no additional powers (there was quite a lot of agreement that Trixxiee should be la presidenta, as it were, which pleases Trix greatly, but it has been decided that this 'chair would be elected in the same way as the departments)