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SPii Ethics and Philosophy Discussion 2

Date: Wednesday 22nd August

Time: From 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Venue: SPii Japanese Garden

Min: - Max: -

Organiser: Ronnie Sparker

Topic: Free will

Overview: In this session we will be discussing the question of whether we really possess the free will to make independent choices.

To prepare, have a think about these questions:

Is there any possible future other than the one that actually occurs?

Can we really make free choices if we are just clusters of cells living in a world determined by natural laws?

Do animals possess free will?

How do our religious beliefs affect our views on human free will?

Would our systems of justice and punishment still be valid without a belief in human free will?

1 Explo Schomer

2 Kali Schomer

3 Marko Schomer

4 Edi Schomer


6 FI Schomer

7 Aston