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As I have mentioned many times I think in order to learn in a different way you need to have dfferent surroundings, for example would you prefer to learn in a high-tech new building or an old run down building?
Would you like to learn on chalkboards or on computers?
If we have more recources and better places for these recources then poeple should respond to them.

What type of classrooms would you like to have, not just colour but would you like them to be interactive and allow you to be more independant?
Try to imagine what you would like your classroom to be like and why you want that and why you think it would help you.

What kind of teachers would you like, would you like teachers?

Would you like to have freedom in the way you learn or to follow a plan, would you like to make your own curriculum?

What about no tests? More trips?

What would you like your school life to be like? Would you like it to be a mix of school and home SCHOME !?

Thanks for reading


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