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If you are interested in bidding for this then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

Research 4: Measuring e-Maturity in Further Education (FE) colleges

Becta invites tenders for a research project to establish current levels of e-Maturity (measured across a number of dimensions including provision, practice, leadership, management and local strategy) within the FE sector. The research will focus on both the institution (following similar surveys by Becta 1999-2006) and the college workforce, i.e. practitioners (following a similar survey done by DfES in 2006), using a nationally representative sample of both FE practitioners and institutions. We particularly welcome Expressions of Interest from organisations with appropriate experience and expertise and who can:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of educational improvement using technology.
  • Design, conduct, manage and analyse large scale research on technology provision and use, educational improvement and learner attainment.
  • Conduct statistical analysis to provide a robust assessment of the ways in which e-Maturity for both institutions and the workforce they employ can be measured.
  • Demonstrate a track record of carrying out policy-oriented research in the areas outlined above.


Becta's research programme supports the strategic development of ICT in education. The programme prioritises the evidence needs of the Harnessing Technology Strategy, and aims to inform policy thinking and delivery planning. This policy focused research falls within this programme and forms part of Becta's broader role in shaping and delivering the government's Harnessing Technology e-strategy:

This project will address a number of objectives from this strategy, including:

  • Capability and capacity of the workforce, providers and learners ­
  • Outcomes and benefits for learners and children ­
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and value for money across the system


The project will measure e-Maturity at both an institution and workforce level. The findings will be used to help assess the effectiveness of current FE and Skills e-learning policy in the light of recent developments in government strategy, e.g. Leitch and FE White Paper. The following research questions will be addressed as part of the project:

  • ­How have institutional and practitioner e-Maturity developed over the past 12 months and what are the predictions for the next 12 months?
  • Have institutions developed effective plans to develop e-Maturity over the short, medium and long term?
  • ­ What are the key barriers to developing e-Maturity (and why), and what needs to be done to address these barriers?
  • ­ What are the key factors in promoting technology provision and utilisation and how can they be further enhanced?
  • ­ How have institutions and practitioners used technology to develop personalised learning resources and practices?
  • ­ What has been the impact of government reforms? (e.g. introduction of Diplomas, the focus on collaboration between institutions, shift to demand led provision, increasing 16 - 18 participation in learning)


A     0 - 50k
B    30k - 80k
C    50k - 100k
D    80k - 150k
E   100k - 180k
F   150k - 230k
G   200k - 300k
H   250k - 350k
I   300k - 400k
J   350k - 450k
K   400k - 500k

This project is in band B. Note that these bands are indicative. Tenderers will have the opportunity to offer options that have prices both within and outside the band indicated.


Pre-qualification questionnaires can be obtained via email from stating in the subject header 'PQQ Request Research 4' and must be completed and returned by no later than 13:00 hours on Thursday 5th July 2007 Following evaluation of questionnaires received Becta expect to issue a copy of the invitation to tender to selected parties around Wednesday 11th July 2007 with submission of tenders around Thursday 26th July 2007.

If you are interested in bidding for this then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

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