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If you are interested in bidding for this project then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

Research 3: Learners and technology: 7-11

Becta invites tenders for a research project to investigate the experience of 7-11 year olds in using technology for informal learning, and in helping them to envision the ways in which technology could enhance their learning in the medium-term future.


The purpose of this research is to help shape Becta's advice to policymakers, schools and local authorities on the ways in which young people use technology to enhance their learning now and how they want to do so in the future. This forms part of Becta's broader role in shaping and delivering the government's Harnessing Technology e-strategy.

Several of the outcomes of the strategy's implementation as articulated on the 'balanced scorecard' in the Harnessing Technology Delivery Plan, ( could be informed by this research, including:

  • There is greater choice in learning opportunities and modes for all learners (3.1)
  • Learners have increased motivation for engagement in learning (3.2)
  • Fewer learners under-perform or fail to succeed (3.3)
  • There is improved child safety and child protection (3.5)

The growing use of technology outside school is increasing the overlap between young people's formal and informal learning experiences. Young people are using technologies to change the way they consume, create, communicate and share. Investigation of this use shows that a great deal of learning is taking place, including acquisition of factual knowledge and conceptual understanding. There are also indications that these informal uses of ICT have implications for learner autonomy and motivation and we know that the nature of this usage has implications for learner outcomes.

The Project

Becta believes learner voice is a core part of the personalising learning agenda and can be a mechanism for encouraging educational transformation. We want to enable learners to engage in dialogue about how they learn in informal settings, and to discuss the kind of ways they want to learn in the future. The research is not envisaged as a tokenistic exercise; it is a genuine opportunity to enable young people to offer unique input into the services they experience.

This project seeks to respond to the following questions:

  • How can informal learning through technology be defined for Key Stage 2 learners?
  • How do KS2 learners use technology in their informal learning?
  • What are the implications of this learning for formal settings, including for e-safety?
  • How do KS2 learners think technology could transform the way they learn in the future?

Becta wishes to commission a suitably-qualified contractor to undertake a creative, mixed-methods study to respond to these questions. We welcome bids that include consideration of gender, ethnicity, geo-demographic and socio-economic factors, although we acknowledge the size of the project precludes the collection of nationally representative data.

Expressions of interest are welcomed from organisations which...:

  • are knowledgeable about current uses of technology in the 7-11 age range
  • are knowledgeable about other key government policy in this area;
  • have experience of conducting innovative qualitative and quantitative research;
  • have a track record in carrying out policy-oriented research.

Project Size (£)

A     0 - 50k
B    30k - 80k
C    50k - 100k
D    80k - 150k
E   100k - 180k
F   150k - 230k
G   200k - 300k
H   250k - 350k
I   300k - 400k
J   350k - 450k
K   400k - 500k

This project is in band A. Note that these bands are indicative. Tenderers will have the opportunity to offer options that have prices both within and outside the band indicated.

Expressions of Interest

Pre-qualification questionnaires can be obtained via email from stating in the subject header 'PQQ Request Research 3' and must be completed and returned by no later than 13:00 hours on Thursday 5th July 2007 Following evaluation of questionnaires received Becta expect to issue a copy of the invitation to tender to selected parties around Wednesday 11th July 2007 with submission of tenders around Thursday 26th July 2007.

If you are interested in bidding for this project then feel free to discuss it in the ICT in Education discussion board.

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