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The Aspire Pilot aims to put in place the basic infrastructure required for ASPIRE - so our exit strategy is to move smoothly from the Asipre Pilot into ASIPRE. ASPIRE will generate visions for schome (the education system for the future), which will be used to synthesise one vision to implement. As part of ASPIRE a plan will be developed for the implementation of that one vision.

In order for the Aspire Pilot's exit strategy to work we need to:

  • ensure that the three key deliverables for the project are in place (ie the community, provocations, and the technical infrastructure)
  • have developed the ASPIRE team - which we assume will necessarily need to involve partners from a number of different organisations (in addition to all the young people who will be involved in developing visions as part of ASPIRE)
  • have developed a plan for the implementation of ASPIRE
  • have obtained funding for ASPIRE

We are now moving towards the culmination of the Aspire Pilot phase of the project, and preparing to shift into the main ASPIRE project in early 2007. We already have exciting plans for:

  • developing collaborative ASPIRE school-based activities nationally in the UK (in particular in the South West and the North East)
  • launching an ASPIRE Schools pack in collaboration with an e-conference specialist partner
  • developing virtual ASPIRE activity on our own Teen Second Life island

Watch this space for further information on all these activities as it becomes available.
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