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Dame Tamsyn Imison

Tamsyn has extensive experience at a senior level within education, having been a head teacher and a member of the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education. Her notion of 'the lead learner' is of particular interest to The Aspire Pilot. The 'lead learner' is any person who enjoys learning with others and is prepared to demonstrate by example their passion for learning. Her 'school' or 'learning centre' was a large inner city mixed international school in London where nearly all adults were continuing their own professional learning and students all wanted to continue their learning post 16. By the age of 17 nearly 95% had achieved the equivalent of 5 A-C.


Professor Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner is internationally known for his work on multiple intelligences. He currently directs the GoodWork Project at Harvard University's Project Zero, which explores the nature of professions and the aspirations of those entering and operating within them. The GoodWork project's work on the role of 'hero figures' and other factors in the aspirations of teenagers and young adults, is of particular interest to the core ASPIRE Pilot team.


Gareth Mills

Gareth is the head of the 'Futures' team at the QCA. To learn more about the work of QCA Futures:


Alison Willmott

Alison has taught in Primary schools for many years. She currently works part time as a Curriculum advisor for QCA and teaches at the Royal Botanic Gardens,Kew.She has written books for teachers and pupils for Channel 4 and Cambridge University Press and has a particular interest in Creative Arts. To learn more about the work of QCA Futures:
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