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The term 'provocations' means techniques, approaches, activities, models, or any other devices that can support people (and particularly young adults) in thinking about what schome (the education system for the Information Age) should be like. We want to provoke people to think creativly about what schome could be like.

The key is that any such provocations need to:

  • result in creative yet grounded visions of schome - we want visions that break free from pre-conceptions of what school is like, and which meet the needs of individuals and society in the 21st Century - we are not looking for 'school on the moon'
  • be scaleable - so that they can realistically be used with large numbers of people

The Aspire Pilot provocations are starting to emerge - some of them are visions of what schome should be like, others are ideas for questionnaires or activities. The Woodlands group are working on a provocations box (which we won't be able to upload cos it is a physical entity!).

If you have ideas about ways of supporting people in thinking creatively about what our future education system should be like then why not add them to this page or make suggestions on the provocations discussion panel?

Aspire Pilot provocations

Steve's provocation - the work of the Year 10 group at St Bonifaces including Steve, Dan, Josh, Jak and Dan which includes a range of ideas for ways in which you could get folk to think about how school might be enhanced.
Listen to Steve's wiki welcome track

Jak's provocation which includes a vision for a high tech classroom plus ideas about how to get folk to think about education differently (though Jak and Steve are in the same group their list of ideas for provocations are slightly different).

Ollie's provocation which is a thought provoking vision of the education system from birth to 18.

Elliot's provocation which takes you through a number of questions about different aspects of your learning/education. There are masses of provocations on the StBoniface's College provocations website.

Warning - when you go to that page and click on the Start button you are setting of a 65Mb download!

Check out the StB's Diary Room Video - and more - via the Aspire Pilot homepage at StB's.

You might also find the St Boniface's pupils' visions provoking.

Examples of other provocations

ITTE's Education 2015 website - which sets up a scenario in which you are detecting snippets of information which are travelling back through time, from the year 2015. From these snippets you have to try to build up a picture of what the education system was like in 2015.

FutureSight - which provices a toolkit to support people in thinking about how children will learn in 2020.

Some provocations focus on the nature of schools as they currently are. Check out the Building Future Schools project at the DfES

Other people's visions can also act as provocations - check out the ones on the schome vision page.
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