Aspire Pilot - Technical infrastructure approaches

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This would involve:

  • Identifying different groups of potential members of the community
  • Identifying the types of interactions that each of these groups are likely to need to be able to engage in, in order to sustain/develop the community
  • Developing a set of criteria against which potential applications (the technical infrastructure) can be evaluated
  • Identify applications (the technical infrastructure) that might support these forms of interaction
  • Evaluate each application against the criteria
  • Select the application(s) that best meet the criteria
  • Implement the technical infrastructure

An evolutionary approach

Within this approach the community would be developed as an iterative process involving both social and technological aspects. Thus the technical infrastructure would evolve and develop in conjunction with the needs and propensities of the community, and the community would thus inform the development of the infrastructure both explicitly (e.g. through feedback) and implicitly (e.g. through the level of use or non-use of different aspects of the technical infrastructure).
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